How to play with the newborn

How to play with the newborn

The neonatality period - very short time span, but the most memorable for mom. It is the first month of life of the kid. In the house bring a tiny live lump and since then everything spins around it. The newborn gradually learns to live out of a mother's body and its activity is still very small. He is able to do nothing, but mom is already ready to play with him and to think out for him interesting classes.


1. All classes with the newborn are connected with features of his development during this period, and directed to stimulation of development of the first skills. On the expiration of month it has to learn to focus a look on a subject or the person of close, to turn a head on sounds and voices, to examine the faces of people around. In 1 month the kid does attempts to hold a head directly. The main sign of the end of the period of a neonatality - a revival complex. It is joyful reaction of the kid at the sight of the adult and the first smile of the baby. All games with the newborn are directed to stimulation of development of these first skills.

2. The main way of achievement of all these purposes - communication with the kid. Daily, during change of a diaper, bathing, wakefulness of the kid mom has to communicate with it. Soft and quiet tone to talk, explain to it what it does. It is possible to sing songs, to tell nursery rhymes. The newborn has to learn to learn faces and voices of the family. For this purpose you approach a thicket the baby and talk to him. He does not understand words, but well understands intonation. The kid has to learn to react to sounds and voices. Get up at a bed so that he did not see you and quietly call the baby. Look behind its reaction. Call him several times. Gradually he will begin to turn the head in search of mom. It is also possible to use a hand bell, a rattle, a squeaker. At the end of the game surely show to the kid a subject which made sounds. Let the baby will make out it.

3. The kid has to learn to focus a look on objects. For this purpose it is possible to use a rattle or finger-type puppet theater. Show to the kid a rattle, exposing it before his face until he pays attention to it. At the same time it is possible to sing songs or to acquaint the kid with this toy. When he to learn to focus a look, try to take slightly a rattle aside that the kid learned to look after a subject. The finger-type puppet theater can be interesting to the newborn too. Dress dolls on fingers and lose a small plot from the fairy tale or tell a nursery rhyme. For example: A finger boy where you were? With this brother went into the woods. With this brother cooked Russian cabbage soup. Ate porridge with this brother. With this brother of a song sang. (with each line bend on one finger in a fist)

4. Touches are very important for the kid during this period. Tactile feelings are a part of its language at this age. Mom can do the easy stroking movements. It is useful to do finger-type gymnastics - to knead and stroke fingers of handles and legs. It is possible to use humourous catchphrases and nursery rhymes. A wall, a wall (mom strokes cheeks), the Ceiling (strokes a head), Two steps (sponges) and a call (knocks on a nose) Dzyn, dzyn, dzyn. Moving legs of the kid (as if it goes), mom keeps saying: ""Big legs went on a path"" and, accelerating the course: ""Small legs ran on a path"". Opening a cam, mom says: A cam - a palm, On a village palm the cat (strokes), Lay down, lay down, And under a mouse escaped.

5. The kid has to learn to hold a head. For this purpose spread him on a tummy. Stroking the baby on a back, stimulate it to raise a head. Encourage verbally its attempts.

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