How to play with the one-year-old child

How to play with the one-year-old child

For the first year of life the kid passes a huge way of development. Quite recently he was such helpless, and by a year already costs, goes for the handle or independently, knows and recognizes close people and many objects. The one-year-old kid actively learns the world. It also should be used, playing with it.

It is required to you

  • — pyramids;
  • — cubes;
  • — balls;
  • — dolls, matryoshkas, tumbler toys;
  • — toy animals;
  • — big car;
  • — sorters;
  • — inserts;
  • — large puzzles;
  • — labyrinths;
  • — tambourine, drum;
  • — finger-type paints;
  • — toys for a sandbox.


1. Learn several finger-type games ("Forty - a crow", "Boy finger", etc.) for development of fine motor skills of the kid. You enter these games gradually, play several days in one, then study the second and alternate to the first, in several days add following. If the kid shows independence and begins to show a game fingers or even tries to pronounce, help and you praise.

2. Communicating with the one-year-old child, not only call objects and actions, but also show how to treat them. The ball and the machine can be rolled, to put cubes at each other or nearby, a doll — to feed and put to bed. Playing with soft toys or reading books about animals, represent sounds which they make.

3. You teach the kid to put a small matryoshka (a glass, etc.) in big. Purchased sorters and inserts can be replaced with safe kitchen utensils.

4. It is easy to make various labyrinths and large puzzles independently. Bend a wire, pass it through large buttons and beads, safely fix the ends. For puzzles it is possible to use the cards or pictures which are pasted over for durability with a film. The first puzzles have to consist of 2-3 parts, later the child will be able to collect also more difficult picture.

5. Move together with the kid to a step to music. Teach him to elicit sounds from toy musical instruments: tambourine, drum, glockenspiel, hammer. The small plastic bottles half filled with grain, buttons and other small objects can replace them.

6. Finger-type paints are safe for the smallest. Dip the finger into a jar and draw a straight line. Help the kid to draw a line nearby. You will develop not only his fine motor skills, but also will bring up esthetically.

7. One-year-old children love games with water and sand. Arrange a small sandbox from a basin from filled there I will merge. It is very simple to remove after the game. And from the hygienic point of view salt is safe. The kid will hardly want to take it in a mouth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team