How to please mom

How to please mom

Mom's smile is very expensive to us. When mom smiles, in the house becomes lighter. Daily circulation put and cares gives a reason for joy more and more seldom. Holidays are followed by cooking, cleaning and efforts, weekend is filled with homework. The help and emotional support of the husband and children is simply necessary for Mame.


1. Undertake a part of mother's cares. The husband can buy products, and children to help with preparation of a dinner and even to cope with it independently. Present how mom when having come in the evening home will be delighted, instead of efforts she will be able to have a rest. On the weekend let's mom get enough sleep. Here you will see, the mood at her will improve at once.

2. The main mother's joy is children. Let they will try not to upset it. Achievements in kindergarten and school will raise a smile on mother's face and will give a reason for pride of the children. Kids of preschool age very often, missing mom, draw in kindergarten pictures about her. It shows children's love for mother and very much pleases her. Such, apparently, trifles allow family members to be closer to each other.

3. Mutual care strengthens the relations in family. It is easy if the love and understanding reigns in the house. The mood of the woman influences a home atmosphere. Depends on the husband as the wife will feel. If the wife knows that she is loved, care for her, it is understood – she feels like the real woman. And then she becomes happy.

4. Organize small family celebrations, when all family together, at mom on heart it is quiet. The matured children often forget to call parents once again. And mom waits and worries for children. Remember it subsequently not to be sorry about downtime.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team