How to practice baby swimming in the pool

How to practice baby swimming in the pool

Because the first 9 months the kid is in a close mother's tummy, his extremities and a little body are located very compactly. By the time of the birth the most part of muscles of the kid is in a condition of a physiological hyper tone. Different groups of muscles of the kid of a tonusirovana differently. This feature of an organism of the baby at first helps it to develop harmoniously physically and mentally. Over time the natural tone of muscles has to pass.

Estimates type of a tone of the child and the children's neurologist reveals deviations. Timely survey of the expert will help to reveal problems in time and to find to them solutions. On norm it is considered that by 4-6 months the physiological hyper tone has to pass. Attentive parents can distinguish the arising problems in advance.

In the first month of life it is necessary to estimate symmetry of a body of the kid. In a prone position on a back of an extremity of the kid have to be pressed to a breast, fingers are compressed in cams equally. The head should not deviate in the parties. Legs are symmetrically bent in knees and divorced in the parties. By the end of month the kid can try to hold the head parallel to the line of a back (backbone). In the presence of any visible deviations it is necessary to address the specialist doctor repeatedly.

One of options of treatment of a hyper tone - baby swimming. In the large cities there are specialized medical centers or special pools offering services in swimming with kids, massage and other procedures, useful to health, helping the child to develop harmoniously. In the absence of such centers it is possible to find the good experts with medical education organizing diving process at your place in a bathtub. There are various techniques of diving in water. Some experts practice diving in water with weak solution of sea salt. Such diving not only rasslablyalyat too tonusirovanny muscles of the child, but also saves it from the slime which remained in a nasopharynx after the delivery.

Baby swimming in the pool in combination with massage will help the kid to be exempted from a hyper tone, will improve blood circulation, will strengthen nervous system, will help to be established to the correct breath and reflexes. Many parents use baby swimming as means of hardening of the child.

It is desirable to begin to practice baby swimming, as soon as possible, since babies from the birth perfectly hold the breath. If it is correct to use this remarkable reflex, diving and swimming will bring to the kid a lot of benefit. The main thing to perform water procedures under the leadership of the expert.

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