How to praise children

How to praise children

Any child needs to be praised for formation at him a positive self-assessment. But the praise is different and even not always useful. It is correct to praise – true art. Having mastered it, you by all means will achieve success in hard business of education of the child.


1. Estimate and praise acts and intentions of the child, but not him, not his personality. The words "You Are a Wonderful Daughter", "What Would I Do without You?", certainly, show unconditional love for the kid, but have very conditional relation to an effective praise. You should not praise and it is too frequent, then the praise will lose the value for the child.

2. The correct praise consists of two important parts. The words of adults express positive assessment of a concrete act of the baby (or its intentions). The second part – an independent conclusion of the child about and the actions. For example, you point to difficulty of a task with which the kid just coped, and the child speaks about himself "I strong" (dexterous, clever, persistent, etc., on a situation).

3. Especially note those acts which with the greatest work are given to your child. You praise so that also the child could note progress. It will put some idea to it that to overcome own shortcomings and to achieve the objective in its forces.

4. In a praise the comparison with other child should not sound, regardless of to what advantage there is a comparison. Even in case achievements or personal advantages of the child are higher, than at peers, there is a probability that such praise comparison will become the reason of formation of superiority position at it and neglect in relation to them as less successful. Compare the kid to him better – it what it was recently.

5. You praise the son or the daughter more often for what it does for others, and not just for itself(himself). If any action does not cause in the child of difficulties in performance any more, make so that people around could use results of its work. For example, to the son who learned to tie dexterously laces on boots suggest to help to lace up footwear and the younger little sister. And surely praise him for care of the loved one.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team