How to prepare a breast before childbirth

How to prepare a breast before childbirth

It is necessary to prepare a breast for feeding of the child even before childbirth. It will help to prevent emergence of cracks on nipples and to avoid discomfort during breastfeeding.


1. Take air baths in a shadow, avoiding sunlight. Such procedures are very useful. Their duration has to be twenty minutes. During such procedures, skin of mammary glands well becomes tempered and the possibility of emergence of cracks decreases during feeding of the child.

2. Every day wash breast skin slightly warm water, and then pound a rough towel. Carry out grinding within five minutes.

3. It is useful to wipe nipples with cologne. At the same time skin of nipples grows coarse, and they will be less subject to damage during feeding of the child. Select cologne with care to avoid allergic reaction.

4. Take a terry towel, cut out from it small circles and sew to cups of a bra which you wear daily. From constant contact with terry material your nipples will coarsen. It is possible that as a result of such procedure you will feel discomfort, then change a bra for some time. Through certain time repeat the procedure.

5. If you have flat or pulled-in nipples, then it is necessary to begin to correct their form even during pregnancy. Usually such problem is solved on deadlines for pregnancy by means of proofreaders of a shape of nipples. Consult with the midwife concerning when it is better to begin adjustment how often it is necessary to apply the proofreader what massage of a breast should be carried out.

6. You can spend correction of nipples at home independently. For this purpose wash up hands, and carefully begin to mass nipples, slightly delaying them forward. For pulling of nipples you can use a usual manual milk pump. Apply a milk pump to a nipple, through a tube suck away air. Then, having clamped a tube, leave a nipple in the extended state for several minutes in a milk pump. Make such procedure last months of pregnancy every day in the morning and in the evening.

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