How to prepare a breast for feeding

How to prepare a breast for feeding

Breast many future mothers begin to think of feeding even during pregnancy. If you prepare for the firstborn's birth - implement these simple recommendations, and even the first experience of breastfeeding will be successful.

It is required to you

  • bras for pregnant women and the feeding, silicone overlays for a breast, ointment with D-panthenol, consultation of the specialist in adjustment of a lactation


1. You wear special bras for pregnant women and the feeding mothers who do not squeeze the increased breast.

2. Success of breastfeeding directly depends on the correct applying. In this art you will be trained at courses for training of pregnant women for childbirth. It is also possible to address the consultant for a lactation consisting, for example, in AKEV (Association of consultants for natural feeding).

3. During pregnancy communicate more with mothers who long nursed the children and took from it great pleasure.

4. Prepare relatives whose opinion is important for you, for the fact that you will surely nurse the kid. Discuss with them what help, including with economy, they will be able to render until you adjust breastfeeding.

5. After the delivery do not wash a breast too often, otherwise the natural protective film protecting nipples from penetration of an infection is washed away. But before each feeding wash hands with soap thoroughly.

6. You watch that the baby took not only a nipple, but also all areola entirely and also that his chin touched your breast. If capture happens incorrectly - on nipples cracks can appear. For healing of cracks the creams and ointments containing D-panthenol (Bepanten, Dekspantenol, etc.) well help.

7. If feeding nevertheless causes severe pain – use special silicone overlays for a breast.

8. You remember the main thing - success of breastfeeding directly depends on your positive spirit. Therefore prepare for a pleasant role of the nursing mother and do not doubt that you will perfectly cope with this role.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team