How to prepare a children's hand for the letter

How to prepare a children's hand for the letter

October - month when future first graders begin to attend special classes on preparation for school. To begin to prepare a hand for the letter it is necessary much earlier.

Preparation of a hand for the letter begins with development of fine motor skills of the child. From the first days after the birth mom on the advice of the pediatrician can independently do to the baby massage, paying attention and to fingers. For establishment of contact with the kid it is possible to think up or study thematic nursery rhymes.

Observing development of the child we see how he learns to take large objects at first all palm, and gradually learns to take also smaller objects, using fingers. Classes drawing are useful to development of fine motor skills. To begin draw already 7-8-month-old child can. Give to the kid finger-type paints and the sheet of paper, show how his finger soiled by paint leaves marks on paper. It is possible to be engaged under control of parents up to 10 minutes a day. And masterpieces of the little artist can be issued in a frame and to decorate walls.

Also classes a molding and designing contribute to the development of motility. Let it will be first the designer with large details. Such classes also develop imagination of the child. And joint pastime will be useful for both the child, and his parents. 

Also useful occupation can be considered drawing a pencil and coloring. The smallest receive large drawings with the represented one subject. For example, large apple, pear, ball. Later smaller elements are added and it is possible to suggest to paint the image of watermelon, at home, of the bus. Parents can draw such primitive pictures by hand. Later it is possible to acquire books coloring or to print out drawings on the home printer.

On reaching the child of age of four years it is already possible to offer templates of elements of letters, figures. As a rule, at this age children actively reach for knowledge, it is interesting to it to study the letter and the account. A special coloring where elements of the image need to be traced at first will come to the rescue. It is useful for parents to encourage and maintain such interest in training.

At the same time it is important to put the child's hand correctly. You watch that the handle or a pencil were enclosed in a hand as follows: the lower part writing lies on the first phalanx of a middle finger right (or left) the child's hands, at the same time densely nestles a thumb small pillow. From above freely the forefinger is located. Sometimes it appears the most difficult for the first grader: to watch the correct position of fingers by the letter.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team