How to prepare children's mix

How to prepare children's mix

Children's mixes contain all necessary ingredients for food of babies. Most often it is dry powders. Practically all of them are developed on the basis of high-quality cow's milk which in the course of production is exposed to special ways of processing, is enriched with vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It becomes in order that the final product was closer on structure to breast milk and corresponded to features of digestion of kids.


1. Mix for feeding has to be picked up strictly in compliance with age and health of the child. For this purpose it is necessary to consult to the pediatrician in advance, he will help to pick up mix which best of all will suit your kid.

2. For each feeding it is necessary to prepare fresh mix. It is very important to observe a proportion of water and powder according to instructions of the producer. Read on a box what amount of water and powder you need to use for mix preparation.

3. If you take too much powder, then at you mix with the increased content of feedstuffs will turn out. In most cases it leads to vomiting, an unstable chair and vomiting. The kid becomes whimsical, sleeps badly and constantly cries.

4. If you take powder too little, then mix will turn out low-calorie and the kid will remain hungry.

5. Water for preparation of mix needs to be boiled and cooled up to the necessary temperature in advance. It should not be too hot, otherwise under its influence mix will lose all the useful substances necessary for the child. Never you cook mix.

6. Do not use the distilled water for mix preparation, she is poor in mineral salts.

7. Water in a small bottle needs to be poured before you fill up powder. Check an amount of water in a bottle. Put it on a plain surface and make sure that water level in a small bottle coincides with division necessary to you.

8. A measured spoon measure necessary amount of mix and fast add powder to a bottle.

9. After that attach a pacifier on a bottle, densely close a cap and carefully shake a small bottle before full dissolution of powder.

10. Before giving mix to the kid surely check its temperature. Drip a little mix to yourself on a wrist. It should not burn or be too cool. It will be ideal if you feel light pleasant heat.

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