How to prepare for children till 1 year

How to prepare for children till 1 year

Gender of how to replace breast milk or mix new products come, of mom there is a mass of questions of how to prepare for children about one year. Recipes of children's kitchen are rather simple, but at the same time are prepared according to the general rules.

It is required to you

  • - quality products,
  • - double boiler.


1. At preparation of dishes for baby food it is necessary to remember that excessively long heat treatment reduces the content of vitamins K to a minimum, however insufficient is even more dangerous as it can entail preservation in food of pathogenic bacteria. Digestive system of the child at this age is only formed and is very sensitive to microbes therefore the hygiene in kitchen is a guarantee of children's health.

2. In order that products preserved the greatest number of useful substances, food for children about one year has to be freshen. It is desirable to cook dishes just before their use as repeated warming up reduces amount of the vitamins which are contained in them.

3. Sometimes parents ignore the baby food produced in the factory way, believing that fresh vegetables from the market are more useful. In it there is a grain of truth, however only when it is about the vegetables and fruit picked on the site. It allows to be sure that in gifts of the nature there are no harmful nitrates. Unfortunately, in the vegetables which are grown up in the hothouse way, often these substances are much. Nitrates are distributed in fruits unevenly, but their most part accumulates in a peel. Therefore for preparation of children's dishes from vegetables and fruit it is desirable to clean off a skin.

4. To carry out preparation of dishes for the child up to one year best on couple. Such food turns out completely dietary and also keeps all useful substances. When cooking the most part of vitamins goes to water that is good only at preparation of soups. In the double boiler it is possible to cook not only vegetables, but also omelets, meat dishes. Quenelles or cutlets on couple turn out very gentle. Closer by a year the consistence of food already has to be more dense and comprise small pieces that the child learned to chew.

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