How to prepare itself to eco

How to prepare itself to eco

For some married couples the ECO program - the only chance to become parents. Its specifics that the successful or unsuccessful outcome of the procedure to a large extent depends on the condition of an organism of the man and the woman planning ECO. Therefore if you want to increase as much as possible chance of success before beginning the program, you and your partner will need to be prepared carefully.


1. Be prepared for the ECO program as if you prepared for pregnancy by a natural way. Begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, exclude alcohol, cigarettes and drugs from the life (smoking worsens quality of sperm and reduces chance of a successful outcome of the ECO procedure by 50-70%, alcohol and drugs increase risk of appearance of defects of a fruit). Correctly and in a balanced way eat, avoid emotional and physical overworks. Stop to take medicine, only if they are not appointed by your attending physician. It is desirable for women to normalize the weight since the surplus or a lack of weight can prevent an organism to respond to medicamentous stimulation.

2. Before entering the ECO program, you will need to make various tests. Both partners will have to make blood tests on HIV, syphilis, hepatitis (as a rule, types B and C). In addition women will need to make blood test on antibodies to a rubella (for the solution of a question of immunization) and the analysis on hormones for the choice of an optimum dosage of performance-enhancing drug. Also women will need to hand over dab from a vagina for assessment of a condition of microflora. Men by preparation for ECO do without fail a spermogram.

3. If by results of analyses problems were detected in you, they will need to be eliminated. The detected infectious diseases (STD), inflammatory processes (vaginit, a colpitis) - to treat. At detection of deficiency of iron and other elements - to fill shortage. At a hormonal imbalance - to stabilize. In the presence of chronic diseases - to achieve long remission. In other words, before the introduction in the program it is necessary to put the organism in order completely. It will allow to increase your chances of efficiency of the ECO procedure and as a result - to become happy parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team