How to prepare the child for a garden

How to prepare the child for a garden

One of the hardest periods in life of each kid and his mom — the period of accustoming of the child to kindergarten. The first collective, the first teachers, daily separation from mom: the kid should be prepared for all this carefully. That accustoming of the baby to kindergarten happened less painfully, it is very important to begin to train him for a new event in his life in 3-4 months prior to departure in preschool institution.


1. The most important is to tell the kid what it is kindergarten and why he will need to visit him. "The kindergarten is a beautiful house into which all mothers and fathers bring the children. In a garden there are a lot of interesting children. All of them do together: play, eat, walk. There are a lot of toys and various most interesting entertainments. You will go to a garden, and I for work. In the evenings we will tell each other about the different interesting cases which happened to us in a day".

2. Every time, passing by a garden, the kid should remind of how he was lucky that in the fall it will go here. All acquaintances in the presence of the child need also to tell about what he is a good fellow that got to this kindergarten.

3. The child should be told also about the garden mode. Than the story will be more detailed and more clear to it, the kid will feel like that more quietly and more surely when he goes to kindergarten. Kids, as a rule, very much are afraid of uncertainty. And if the baby sees that all events expected by it come true, for fear and uncertainty there will be no trace left also.

4. On the street or on a visit the child needs to be acquainted with other children, to teach it to call them by name, to ask, but not to select a toy, to suggest to play the.

5. Going to a garden, the child can take a favourite toy. With it to the kid will be much more cheerful and quieter.

6. Parents together with the kid can develop the special system of farewell signs and gestures. For example, mom, sending the tot to a garden, kisses it on a cheek and waves the handle. Only after that he quietly says goodbye to it till the evening.

7. The kid will get used to a garden quicker if he makes friends with other children and their parents within a short period of time. And mom and dad can help it with it. Every day it is necessary to ask the child about his relationship in kindergarten. It is necessary to call other kids in the presence of the child by name. Will not prevent to get acquainted also with parents of new friends of the child.

8. Parents in the presence of the child should avoid unflattering statements to a garden and its employees. And furthermore it is strictly forbidden to frighten the baby by kindergarten.

9. Accustoming of the kid to a garden can quickly happen, and can drag on for several months. Parents should stock up with patience and to try to adapt to features of adaptation of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team