How to prepare the child for an inoculation

How to prepare the child for an inoculation

Inoculations - the most effective method of protection against infectious diseases. Parents need to know the planned schedule of inoculations, contraindications to them, possible side effects.


1. Vaccine is the killed or the weakened pathogenic agent or his artificial substitute. The inoculation causes natural development of antibodies, creating the reduced copy of a disease.

2. The very first inoculation to the child is done in maternity hospital in the first day - the vaccine against hepatitis B. Being discharged from maternity hospital, at the kid vaccination and against tuberculosis has to be done.

3. The following inoculation to the child will be done at the age of 1 month - the second vaccination against hepatitis B. All inoculations have to become only according to the conclusion of the pediatrician and your written permission. Before each inoculation the doctor examines the child and does the conclusion about his health. You have the right to ask the doctor on consequences of each inoculation, on its structure and the producer. On the basis of the obtained information you have the right to refuse to do an inoculation to the child. In this case the doctor has to warn you about possible consequences of such step.

4. Any inoculation can cause side effects. The first days after inoculations the kid can be more whining, temperature increase is possible. In difficult cases the heat, rash can be observed. In the latter case the child should be shown to the doctor. Precisely to define that it is reaction to an inoculation and at the subsequent revaccination to consider this moment.

5. For carrying out inoculations there are also contraindications. Hepatitis B inoculation cannot be done in the presence of an allergy to baking yeast. All live vaccines do not become at malignant tumors, reduced immunity. If the child weighs less than 2 kg, do not do him BCZh tuberculosis inoculation. The inoculation of AKDS is not done at diseases of nervous system.

6. It is necessary to delay vaccination of the child at recently postponed infectious disease.

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