How to prepare the child for FGS?

How to prepare the child for FGS?

Frequent symptoms of an abdominal distension, problem with a chair, heavy feelings in a stomach, pain or an eructation have to be the cause of the address to the gastroenterologist for inspection and specification of the diagnosis. The most reliable picture of a condition of a stomach and duodenum can be seen by means of fibrogastroscopy (or FGS). Unpleasant, but obligatory procedure. Not any adult is capable to sustain medical manipulations and what to do if FGS was appointed to the child? Not to panic and begin to prepare in advance.

FGS (FGDS) represents survey of walls of a gullet, stomach and duodenum by means of the special device - the gastroscope. The gastroscope consists of a thin flexible tube in which the fiber-optical system is located.

To kids (aged up to 3 years) transnasal fibrogastroscopy is more preferable – through a nose. In this case the tube does not concern a language root that excludes existence of an emetic reflex and strong discomfort. Diameter of a tube is 4 mm. 

To children FGS usually is more senior do through a mouth therefore it is necessary to prepare the child morally. The fear, as a rule, arises owing to a lack of information. Try to explain to the child of feature of the procedure and importance of the correct behavior during manipulations. As children sharply feel mood of adults, try to speak with confidence and quietly. 

At FGS local anesthesia is produced: solution of lidocaine or its analog is injected into a mouth. Then the child is stacked sideways on a couch. The nurse takes away the child's hands back, for a back, and holds them before the end of a procedure. It is necessary that children accidentally did not touch and did not pull out a tube.

That the child did not clench teeth, the special nozzle - the mouthpiece is inserted into a mouth. Then the endoscopist accurately enters a tube to a throat. The patient is offered to take a sip.

When swallowing the tube smoothly gets into a gullet. The doctor gives air flows that walls of a gullet finished via the device, and the tube could move quietly further.

In order to avoid unpleasant feelings, the child has to breathe quietly and deeply through a nose. Rehearse with your child as it is correct to breathe. Warn the child that it is not necessary to hesitate of the increased salivation or an eructation. It is natural reaction of an organism. 

Except moral preparation, it is recommended to meet the following conditions: in 10 hours prior to the procedure to exclude fried, salty food, sweets and smoked products and also alkaline mineral "Borjomi" water and Yessentuki. In rare instances for half an hour to FGS it is allowed to drink a half-glass of pure boiled water. 

For the procedure it is necessary to have with itself a clean diaper, a towel and replaceable footwear. FGS takes on average 5-10 minutes. The microcamera on the end of a tube transfers the image to the computer. The doctor attentively examines a state mucous a stomach, notes presence of hypostases or sores. If necessary by means of a tube it is also possible to make a biopsy (scrape from stomach walls) for a research of composition of fabrics and existence of microbes. 

The general result can be received in one or two hours after holding a procedure. The biopsy is preparing within 5-7 days. 

At the correct and quiet behavior of the child, sharp pain and complications are excluded. In isolated cases red dots on centuries around eyes - result of a natuzhivaniye and damage of small vessels can be noted. Make broth of a camomile pharmaceutical and cool. Moisten cotton pads in broth and apply them to eyes for 3-5 minutes. Instead of broth also usual tea tea leaves will approach. 

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