How to prepare the child for kindergarten

How to prepare the child for kindergarten

Kindergarten – an important and responsible stage in the child's life. And in many respects depends on parents as their kid adapts to new conditions and whether will go there further with pleasure. Therefore important competently to prepare the child for kindergarten.


1. Make sure that the kindergarten is really necessary for you. Psychologists recommend to send the kid at that age when he already realizes himself as the personality (speaks about himself in the first person, I use ""), owns the main skills of self-service and can distinctly explain to the stranger the requirements.

2. Tell the child about kindergarten. You provide stories from the childhood. Do not reprimand, just you tell. Naturally, only positive: as in kindergarten it is interesting how there are a lot of children, what interesting classes there.

3. Accustom your kid to the kindergarten mode – meal, a daytime sleep, walk. Very important and on the weekend not to break it at least at first.

4. Teach the child is independently, to put on, use a handkerchief, to go to a pot, to learn the things. Perhaps, it makes sense to note things of the kid the identification mark.

5. You bring the child to play with children approximately him age, for example, on the playground or on a visit to the girlfriend. Teach him not to quarrel with other children, not to take away from them a toy, not to fight and not to be called.

6. Teach the kid to address the adult without ceremony. But – only to the familiar adult. Your child should not even approach strangers!

7. In the presence of the child do not speak negatively of kindergarten, do not criticize tutors or administration.

8. It is not recommended to leave the child in kindergarten for the whole day at once, but also it is not necessary to delay with short-term visits. Better within one-two weeks to bring stay time to norm, gradually increasing it by half an hour-hour.

9. During adaptation you spend time with the child more, iron it more often, take on hands, kiss. You can encourage it for good behavior with small bonuses: goodies, new toy, trip to the park or joint viewing animated film.

10. If the child cries, arranges hysterics and does not release you, be not conducted on provocation. Let it know that you will leave anyway, but you will come soon. The main thing – do not cry and do not leave too emotionally. By the way, best of all children leave fathers.

11. Be in constant contact with the tutor, the psychologist and the head of the kindergarten, keep track of behavior of your child. At emergence of problems do not hesitate to consult on the children's psychologist.

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