How to prepare the child for study

How to prepare the child for study

School - the important and responsible period in the child's life, full not only interesting opening and new knowledge, but also difficulties. That the first grader was engaged easily and with pleasure, it is necessary to prepare it for the forthcoming study correctly.

It is required to you

  • - books; - board games; - materials for creative work.


1. Begin with psychological training of your child. You should not deceive him and to say that school - the fascinating and cheerful place. Future first grader has to understand that he will meet certain difficulties which overcoming will give it joy, to raise a self-assessment. Your task is to help it to cope with potential difficulties.

2. Gradually approach the school mode. It is necessary to do it step by step: begin with the fact that you will put to bed and awake your child for 20-30 minutes before habitual. Each 2-3 days increase time, the necessary mode will not be set yet.

3. Allow the child to choose independently school supplies, clothes and replaceable footwear. You can control and direct only softly, however responsibility for final purchase will lie on your child. So he realizes the beginning of more important period in life even more and also will learn to make the first independent decisions.

4. If your child spent the whole summer in active and carefree holiday, begin to train him for other kind of activity. Your joint games have to train assiduity, form skill of repetition of a certain action. You can play the board games demanding long concentration of attention, to draw the same picture, to mold on a sample. Read books about school life, for example, of Nikolay Nosov, Denis Dragunsky, Natalia Zabila's work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team