How to prepare the child for the first visit to the dentist

How to prepare the child for the first visit to the dentist

The first unsuccessful visit of the child to the stomatologist can turn back that he all life will be afraid to treat teeth and to visit a dental office. Therefore it is important to prepare the kid for visit so that about it in memory there were only positive emotions.

The first campaign to the stomatologist has to take place approximately in 2-3 years. The visit can be fact-finding. Before it it is desirable to adjust the child on the fact that it will be interesting and fascinating.

It is possible to begin preparation with stories or fairy tales. Aybolit Chukovskogo can become a good example. By analogy with it it is possible to tell the child about the kind doctor who treats children and saves them from carious monsters (or other beings depending on imagination of parents). Monsters in itself harmless, but they build the lodges destroying teeth of the kid. Only the kind doctor knows how to banish these monsters and again to make teeth healthy and beautiful.

At the next stage it is possible to play with the child the stomatologist and the patient. Even dressing gowns, hats and masks that the image of the stomatologist was already familiar to the child will be useful and did not frighten him. It is possible to reproduce the procedure of survey that the kid learned to open a mouth and did not feel discomfort. Do not forget that the toys imitating dental tools have to be clean. The child can be as the patient, and to act as the stomatologist who needs to cure teeth at a toy. To accustom the kid to brush teeth, it is possible to use a game also. The brush will help to banish in this case tooth monsters, and paste will help it with it. Any stories and a talk about the doctor have to exclude the word "pain" completely. The visit to the stomatologist is simple survey, tools are used only to find the wrecker and to banish it or to pull out. If to mention what will not be sick, the word "pain", but not its absence will be remembered first of all. The present which the doctor will give to the kid after survey and procedures will become one more cunning. Of course, the gift will be bought by parents, but the kid will not know about it. The gift will become some kind of award that the child helped the doctor with difficult fight against carious villains. Having come to hospital, the child can see at an office of the crying children saying that to them it is painful. It is necessary to prepare the kid and for this situation, but not in advance, and before an office and only if he sees the crying child. Besides it is possible to invent a story that bad monsters became angry and began to bite, that is why they should be banished. Well if reception of the child takes place in a benevolent situation and without haste, but it depends on the doctor. Parents in this case can only use comments on doctors and exclude the doctor capable to cause negative reaction in the kid the behavior. On reception it is necessary to be with the child, to hold it by a hand and if the kid absolutely small, then it is possible to sit down in a chair together with it, holding it on hands. Choosing the doctor, it is necessary to consider comments on him, and having found the stomatologist ideal in your opinion, it is not recommended to change it in the future needlessly. That visits of the stomatologist demanded difficult and painful manipulations less often, it is necessary to remember that they have to be regular, as well as tooth and gums care. In this case and teeth will be healthy, and visits to the stomatologist in adulthood will not be postponed until the last moment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team