How to prepare the child in the birth of the second

How to prepare the child in the birth of the second

Very often there is it that after birth of the little sister or the brother, the senior child begins to behave not as before. He can demand to a nipple as from the baby, to refuse a pot, insisting on diapers, to ask on hands. Naturally, such behavior of the kid says that he endures a serious stress. To it, the most favourite family member has no time, it is necessary to share attention of parents with the small peeping lump now. In family of the firstborn it is necessary to prepare for appearance of the second child till the birth of the kid.


1. You should not postpone a conversation with the senior child that it will have a brother or the little sister, for later soon. But also it is absolutely optional, swinging positive test for pregnancy, to run to the nursery and in a hurry to share joyful news with the firstborn. Developing in a mother's tummy the baby should not be associated at the senior kid with feeling sick of mom. Therefore to tell to the child of fast appearance of the brother or little sister it is better after the first trimester of pregnancy.

2. Mom pregnant with the second child should not forget about the maternal love for the firstborn. It is better for it to remind more often the senior of her love for it, of how strongly it is necessary to it. Also it is necessary to tell the firstborn that mother's love — a magic thing. It cannot decrease with the advent of one more child. And the more mom of children, the more has at her and a love which will be enough for all children and, of course, for dad.

3. The senior child needs to tell also about all advantages of the birth younger. First, mom will always be at home. Secondly, it will not be necessary to wait for her from work late. With mom it will be always possible to take a walk and play.

4. The bed, a carriage, clothes and all necessary things for future kid should be chosen together with the senior child. His preferences should be trusted. Let he will prompt what romper suit, for example, very much it will be pleasant to the baby. In shop it is possible to choose also a gift from younger to the senior child.

5. Mom has to adjust the firstborn on the fact that his help in care for the kid will be simply necessary for her. To say to him that without its support she will not be able neither to swaddle, nor to feed, nor to expiate the baby.

6. Undoubtedly, training of the firstborn for appearance of the second child in family is very important, but the behavior of parents after appearance of the baby on light is even more important.

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