How to prepare the first grader for school

How to prepare the first grader for school

The time of kindergarten ended, and yours until recently the little and innocent kid goes to the first class. This event is important both for the child, and for his parents. It is not necessary to worry that this state was not transferred to your first grader. Make efforts better to prepare the child for a new step in his life.


1. You speak with the child about school. Tell that it is a new time in life that it differs from kindergarten. School – not continuation of a garden, is not present an opportunity the whole day there to play, run, communicate. Tell that at school every day he will learn something new important. He will learn much there, will get new friends. Develop the interest of the child the memories of school, ridiculous and curious stories about you. Pay its attention that the school is necessary for study, and during a school time friends and new interests can already be made. You present this information slowly, you do not press on the child and do not reprimand him on importance of study in life.

2. Do not frighten the child by school. He has to want to go to adulthood. It is not necessary at bad behavior to intimidate it by phrases about school, about teachers; that it will be precisely taught a good lesson there and taught. This talk will not lead to anything good. The child can begin to hate completely school, even without having got still there.

3. Your first grader all the same still the child therefore use it. Play with him school. Set him toys for the improvised school desks, put the teacher. Play various sketches on school subject. During the games not superfluous will be to remember rules of conduct at lessons and on change. Show on toys as it is necessary to answer at lessons how to sit at a school desk. Explain why during the classes it is impossible to talk, it is impossible to get phones. Tell how there take place changes that it is necessary to be in time for such short period.

4. In off-duty time walk with the child to school. It will help the child to remember a route. Walking, tell about rules of conduct on the road: about how and when to pass it how to go on the roadside if there are no sidewalks. Time when your child one goes home from school will come. In this case it is possible to pay already its attention that it is impossible to talk and the more so somewhere to leave with foreign people. You learn to be protected from stray dogs and to try to bypass them in a roundabout way.

5. At the termination of kindergarten accustom the child to independence. In the future it is required not only to the kid, but also you. You will worry less if your child is able to come from school, independently to warm to yourself a lunch, to take a walk, do homework. In this situation you will be able to trust in the child, and it is much costs. As it is pleasant to come once home after day of work, and your dinner costs hot on a table.

6. Purchase of office supplies, a backpack and textbooks will be the pleasant moment of preparation for school. Go to shops together, let the child actively participate in purchases. For the child it is important to choose to himself something, at the same time he feels a part of adulthood.

7. Several weeks prior to school reduce time spent before animated films and computer games. Explain to the child that during school lessons he will have not enough time for similar pastime that it is more important to make homework at first.

8. Introduce to the child a day regimen. Begin to awake him earlier, enter obligatory meals, washing. At school there is no time for constant having a snack, a children's organism has to get used to eat in certain time. That the child was in mood in the morning, enter short charging. Several vigorous exercises will encourage him, and he will not be angry with you for the fact that so early woke.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team