How to prepare the kid for kindergarten

How to prepare the kid for kindergarten

Because of sharp change of a situation, the mode and parting with mom the visits of kindergarten first can become the real test for the child. To facilitate its adaptation, it is necessary to prepare the kid for the new period of life correctly.


1. Adaptation to kindergarten begins not with transfer of the child in it, and much earlier. Parents can in good time, month for 2-3 gradually to transfer the kid to the new mode. If not to make it, to a stress from a new situation the discontent of the child with early rise or cardinal change of the daily menu will increase. You can rise and lift every morning the son or the daughter in certain time, during the day to observe the approximate kindergarten mode.

2. Give the kid more information on kindergarten. Tell it about how establishment as who will wait for it on the place is arranged. Only it is not necessary to embellish reality in hope that so the child more willingly will go to a garden. On the contrary, if you tell what the kid waits for many new toys and cheerful friends, the disappointment of the kid in the first days can be very strong. Not the fact that he will get good relations with other children and not all gardens at once can brag of abrupt and various games. You say the truth, for example, better that there will be many children, with some of them he will be able to play.

3. You draw as much as possible parallels between kindergarten and your house. Examples can be the most primitive: houses the kid sleeps in the afternoon, and in a garden there is a quiet time; with mom it walks till a lunch, and in a garden too; houses are pots with flowers, and they grow in a garden too. Let the child will understand that on the new place he will be surrounded by familiar objects and habitual orders.

4. If you never left before the kid for the whole day, it is time to leave it with someone from other adults. Let the first day in a garden will not become strong association with separation from mom. Warn when you return, and safely you leave on affairs. The child needs to get used to release you.

5. When your child already goes to a garden, to it be more attentive. In the morning surely tell when you come for it, for example, right after a dinner or during evening walk. Perhaps, he will want more than your attention and care. It is not necessary to ask all evening it on a garden. Everything that will want, the kid will tell. And if there was something extraordinary, you learn about it from the tutor or on an emotional condition of your son or daughter.

6. Never discuss behavior of the child with the tutor at his presence. If after arrival you came across indignation and claims by personnel, just tell that you discuss it by phone. Your child should not hear how to you complain of him, and especially it is impossible to abuse him in the presence of strangers for any offense. First, it humiliates the child, and secondly, the tutor on your reaction can draw a conclusion, as she can scold your kid for similar behavior in the future. By the way, you should not discuss the tutor in a negative way with the husband in the presence of the child too. Your relation will be transferred to the child and about any pleasure from communication with this person there cannot be a speech. On the contrary, show to the kid that you treat personnel of kindergarten kindly and you trust it.

7. If there is an opportunity, it is better to drive the child in a garden to dad or the grandmother. So parting will be less painful, it is more difficult for kid to release mom, than someone else from relatives. Besides mom can worry about the son or the daughter, and the concern will surely be transferred to the child.

8. That stay of your child in a garden was more comfortable, correctly dress it. In group happens enough hot, besides children play, run, move. Let the clothes of the kid will be easy. When you bring together the child in a garden in the morning, learn what weather will be during the lunchtime and in the evening. Usually to the middle of day is warmer, but if you bring the kid, for example, in a warm jacket and a cap, it and will walk before a daytime sleep. Tutors cannot solve for you in what to dress your child, and watch that he put on all the things. Therefore sometimes there is a sense in the morning to take lighter outerwear and to change it already in a garden.

9. Talk to personnel about features of your child. If you against food violence, warn that it is not necessary to force your son or the daughter is. Let the child will eat only that and so much how many he wants, than with tears will eat up everything from a plate under the pressure of the nurse. If your kid does not eat any dishes in general, too the tutor needs to know about it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team