How to present to the child a gift

How to present to the child a gift

The child most often finds New Year's gifts under a fir-tree or receives from Father Frost's hands that in itself is created by feeling of a miracle. But how to give to the kid a present for birthday that he not only received a toy necessary to it or a thing, but also visited the fairy tale and remembered this day for a long time?

It is required to you

  • Several multi-colored cards hints. On everyone the subject near which it is necessary to look for the following hint is represented. On the last card beautifully packed parcel is drawn.
  • For the child of preschool or school age of a card with drawings it is possible to replace with notes.


1. While the child sleeps, hide a gift in beautiful and mysterious packing and spread out cards hints on the apartment. Put the first card so that the birthday boy quickly found it.

2. Tell the child that you turn into heroes of the fantastic story and go to travel to the magic city. You are waited by the long and difficult road and you should overcome a set of dangers. But at the end of a travel you are waited by something interesting. For this purpose it is necessary to be able to solve riddles. Suggest the child to look what changed in the room.

3. Consider the first card together with the child and ask what on it is drawn. Suggest it to think what means the drawing on a card. Stimulate answers of the child with leading questions until he guesses that it is necessary to go and look at near that subject which is drawn. Pass with the kid on all stages. At the end he will find an unusual package. Allow the child to develop independently a package and to consider a gift. Suggest to beat a new toy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team