How to preserve health at school

How to preserve health at school

Unfortunately, the excessive intensification of educational process, discrepancy of school programs with age and functional features of children, non-compliance with elementary hygienic requirements by children contribute to the development in school students of typical "school" diseases, such as ORZ, chickenpox, pediculosis, scoliosis, short-sightedness. The task of the adult is to help the kid to bypass education reefs.


1. Full night sleep is useful also to adults, however children it is simply necessary. Your child has to sleep not less than nine hours. Sound sleep will help to make immunity resistant to viruses and microbes. Children with deficiency of a dream are ill more often. What is interesting, usually the deficiency of a dream is observed not because the kid spends over books much time, and because of the TV and the computer which stand at it in the bedroom.

2. All children like to eat sweets, chips and to drink Coca-Cola, however if you want the child to avoid problems with health at school, it needs to provide full-fledged three meals a day. Do not allow the child to get out of a breakfast. Many people cannot densely eat since morning, however the light breakfast is necessary.

3. Accustom the child to elementary standards of hygiene. It is necessary that he independently washed hands before meal, after walk, after visit of a toilet, rinsed a nose and a mouth water. Also you can supply the child with wet towel wipes or antibacterial gel that he could use them at any time.

4. All know that exercises are useful to health, however very few people carry out daily exercises. Accustom the child not to miss physical education classes, to do exercises. You can show to the son or the daughter a good example and to do exercises together. It will be useful as to you, and your child.

5. Kids know that it is impossible to stoop, however, when mother does not watch, quickly forget that the back should be held exactly. Deliver to the child a reminder on the mobile phone which will work each half an hour, and the school student will remember that it is necessary to become straight.

6. You watch that the child passed all doctors in time, doing not miss medical examinations. Bring up him in the spirit of respect and love for the body, for the health, setting the child in it a positive example.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team