How to prevent the first pregnancy

How to prevent the first pregnancy

The relation to pregnancy at all a miscellaneous - someone dreams to expand the family and to get posterity, someone does not force an event. Financial circumstances, career or problems with health demand to hold off the first pregnancy often. Not to find unwanted two strips on the test, it is necessary to be protected.


1. The modern pharmacology offers the huge choice of contraceptives. They are divided into hormonal, barrier and emergency. Selection of all contraceptives, except barrier, demands obligatory consultation with the gynecologist, and in certain cases and analyses on the level of hormones.

2. Barrier the sredstvasamy reliable way of contraception which will protect you not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from infections sexually transmitted is a condom. Reliability of protection at the correct use is 98%. The main thing, when using this method to observe all recommendations - to pick up the correct size, not to use usual creams but only special lubrikantny gels as lubricant. For prevention of unwanted pregnancy condom should be dressed before sexual intercourse, but not in time. After sexual intercourse, condom needs to be stuck and utilized in a refuse chute.

3. Emergency it sredstvasluchatsya so that during sexual intercourse condom tore or flew. In that case, not to become pregnant, it is necessary to apply the emergency contraceptive. It represents two tablets with the high content of hormones. You have to take the first pill within 72 hours (however, the earlier, the better), the second pill is taken 12 hours later after reception of the first. The high dose of hormones leads to uterine bleeding, that is causes periods. This method is not recommended for frequent use and does not protect from infections, sexually transmitted. After use of the emergency contraceptive the menstrual cycle gets off. Therefore if you had to apply it after bleeding ends, visit the gynecologist.

4. Hormonal the kontratseptivysamy reliable prolonged contraceptive are the oral contraceptives (OC). The senior generation has sharply negative attitude to oral contraceptives, however, it is not necessary to listen to similar opinion. Really, the first OC contained a high dose of hormones and were exclusively single-phase that suits not everyone, especially the young girls of fertile age who were not wishing to bring the child to this period. Reception of OC resulted in puffiness, violation of the general hormonal background and metabolism and as to the investigation, excessive weight in most cases. Modern oral contraceptives are different types (three-phase, monophase, to the high or low content of hormones). They do not give such side effects, and many even on the contrary, improve a condition of hair and skin. In order that it is correct to pick up oral contraceptives, obligatory consultation of the gynecologist, endocrinologist and blood test on hormones is necessary. This method of contraception practically excludes chance to become pregnant, but does not protect from infections, sexually transmitted therefore is suitable for permanent partners.

5. To accept oral contraceptives it is necessary to begin in the first day of a menstrual cycle (it is possible also in the second, but not later than the third). If you only began to accept OK, then within 7 days since the beginning of reception it is also necessary to be protected by means of condoms. Also it is necessary to arrive and in case you passed a tablet. If you remembered that passed a tablet within 24 hours, drink it if is not present, then accept following from packing. Do not take two pill at once at all - it can lead to the uncontrollable bleeding demanding a stop special medicines.

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