How to prevent the stood pregnancy

How to prevent the stood pregnancy

The risk of death of a fruit at those women who planned conception is less. It is more difficult to elderly women to take out the kid, it is more often it is connected with age changes in an organism. But anyway it is possible to prevent the tragedy nevertheless, the main thing to observe a number of recommendations which the gynecologist has to give. If you already had a stood pregnancy, do not worry, you watch over the health and you give birth to the healthy kid.


1. If you only plan pregnancy, surely undergo full inspection at doctors. Make all tests on an infection, surely make ultrasonography of internals. If problems with health are revealed, then transfer a little planned until you undergo treatment. When pregnancy already occurred, it does not exempt the woman from medical examination. It is desirable to address to hospital as soon as possible.

2. Regularly visit clinic for women and take a blood test and urine on analyses. If there is any failure, analyses it will record. When the doctor insists that it is necessary to lay down in a hospital, listen to the doctor. Often stood pregnancy happens because of the woman who did not follow a professional advice.

3. Do not accept any medicines, it belongs to herbs too. If you badly feel or something disturbs you, contact the doctor who conducts your pregnancy. The risk of an abortion sharply increases if the woman self-medicates. It is especially important to visit as soon as possible the doctor if you suspect a virus of flu which can give serious complications in development of a fruit.

4. If you have a risk to lose the kid, the doctor himself will appoint all necessary medicines. Also the gynecologist has to prescribe vitamins and other nutritional supplements. It is impossible to pick up any of these means independently, even, apparently, harmless vitamins.

5. All pregnancy lead active lifestyle, try not to sit in one place. From constant stay in the apartment there can be changes in work of an organism which not the best affect in the way health of mom and kid. Walk in the fresh air, enjoy life and try to think of bad less. Stresses negatively affect a condition of future mom.

6. If you felt severe pain in the bottom of a stomach or bleeding began, call an ambulance. Usually pregnancy manages to be saved. Be attentive in relation to themselves and then, 9 months later, you give birth to the wonderful kid. Unfortunately, there are no special ways to prevent the stood pregnancy. Be just quiet and follow the recommendations of the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team