How to prichastit the baby

How to prichastit the baby

The participle - the major church sacrament which to host, is necessary for each orthodox person. To prichastit the baby it is necessary to decide on the temple in which you will give communion to the child, and began to learn time Participles. The day before it is necessary to read canons and prayers to the Sacred Communion.


1. It is possible to give communion to the child in any temple when there is a liturgy. Generally parishioners take communion on Sundays or on big orthodox holidays. For the Participle it is possible to choose church which imposes you. However it is better to prichastit the baby in the temple located near the house as in the long road the kid can get hungry, raskapriznichatsya, demand change of a diaper – and in way to solve similar problems not really conveniently.

2. The day before it is necessary to read canons with "Posledovany to the Sacred Communion", to pray.

3. It is not required to maintain a post from the baby. If the child asks to eat in the morning before a communion, surely feed him, full kids are capricious less. To stand all morning service with the baby on hands at you also it will hardly turn out and it is not obligatory. Better you come by the beginning of the Participle, in advance having learned approximate time. If the child is complacently ready, can stay with him in the temple while there is a service. In case the kid cries, it is better to leave and wait for the Participle on the street.

4. Giving communion to the baby for the first time, many mothers worry about his weak stomach. Communicants need to taste a piece of prosphora and a little cahors wine. Don't worry! Give communion to babies a drop of the diluted wine without prosphora so the Participle cannot become the cause of gripes at all.

5. Traditionally the first give communion to babies, then children is more senior, then than men, after them women. If parents prepared too for the Participle (fasted, confessed, read canons with prayers to the Sacred Communion), can prichastit them together with the kid. At the time of the communion it is necessary to tell the name given at the Epiphany.

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