How to prolong lactation time

How to prolong lactation time

During feeding laktatsionny crises which many mothers regard as a signal to transition to artificial feeding happen a breast. However it not always needs to be done, it is possible to prolong lactation time, observing two main issues: to provide raw materials and conditions for formation of milk.


1. For prevention of laktatsionny crisis and extension of the period of a lactation it is necessary to control – as when you eat and you drink. Consider that the feeding mom has to eat at least five times a day. If because of constant efforts you can just forget to eat, get to yourself controllers of number of meals. Get and attach to the fridge five different magnets with images of products, after each meal rearrange them down. By the evening all five magnets have to appear below. Get special capacity for control of the drunk liquid, it is necessary to use it in number of 2.5 liters a day, not less. Include tea with milk, broth of a dogrose and juice in each meal.

2. Practically each nursing mom gets up several times in a night to the kid, to feed, change clothes or give to drink. As a result – a chronic sleep debt which result will be a reduction of development of milk. Seize every opportunity to restore deficiency of a dream. Explain house that and economic affairs they can partially undertake walks with the kid, nobody will be able to nurse, except you.

3. An indispensable condition for a good lactation at the feeding mom are positive emotions. Any experiences, try to control the emotions while you nurse. If there is time for viewing movies, watch comedies, animated films and children's transfers. At the same time analyze what of them you will show then to the kid.

4. Lactations will help to prolong the period wrapping of a breast before feedings by warm fabric. Take it on the battery or on a hot teapot, then wrap up a breast for a couple of minutes. Well light massage of a breast helps, later your baby will help the cams.

5. When feeding always devastate a breast even if milk remains much, it should be decanted. You feed upon the demand of the kid, but not on hours. You feed at night even if the child is not hungry – just let's it suck a breast for calm. For mammary glands it will be the stimulating factor, and for the kid – favourite soothing.

6. From medicines for increase in development of milk Apilak well proved. He is made of a bee milk and does not cause allergies in the child, only in case of individual intolerance. Accept it on 1 tablet under language within two weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team