How to protect children from the Internet

How to protect children from the Internet

World wide web – the friend or the enemy? Only parents whose children literally wallowed in open spaces of social networks ask such question. From here both addictions, and ugly words, and ridiculous information unworthy children's ears. It is impossible to throw out the computer, it is not possible to refuse the Internet. And the child comes back from school meanwhile, sits down at the computer and clicks on connection. In the evening you glance over the magazine of visit of pages and do not know, to redden to you, to grab a belt or to organize a family blamestorming session. Take measures - time to protect children from the Internet came.

It is required to you

  • - means of Parental Control (are included in the Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating systems) and also antivirus software);
  • - programs for parents: Cybermom, ChildWebGuardian, Kids Control.


1. Tell the child about instructions for use of the Internet and establish the schedule. Perhaps, it will allow to get rid to you of a number of problems.

2. Small children should not be some at the computer. If you allow the child to be online, spend this time together. Watch actions of the kid.

3. Explain for what created the Internet what are pluses and minuses. Give to the kid the soil for reflection that he wants to receive from a world wide web. Show how to use the searcher to satisfy inquiry of the kid. Let the created interests will find reflection in search of the websites about the nature, science, a hobby, hand-made articles.

4. Make bookmarks for children's pages. Let the folder with such material be replenished under your supervision. Agree with the son or the daughter that without you they can visit the sites only from this list, otherwise your confidence will be undermined.

5. Inform the kid on the "bad" websites - he knows it from you better, than independently. Convince him that visit of such resources can lead to breakage of the computer - then all stored cartoons and games will stop working too. Let it be not absolutely honest, but works.

6. Install the good antivirus software with a possibility of blocking and filtration of undesirable portals. Create the "black" list. On sale there are special programs – mother's assistants who play a role of limiters. They allow to look through work of the child on the Internet, its stay on any given website, to establish access to connection on time. The child will be able to go on-line only in the determined days and hours.

7. If your child is registered on social networks, limit possibilities of users in access to its page. Agree that the child will not respond to messages of unknown persons, will not give detailed information on itself and family. He should not react at all to offers to meet, call, send SMS to strangers. In a case when these requests proceed from friends, let the child will wait for your arrival before answering. Perhaps, it too work of swindlers.

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