How to protect children outdoors from insects

How to protect children outdoors from insects

The hot, cheerful, happy summer is saddened for children and for adults by a huge number of insects who fly around, buzz, climb in eyes, in a mouth, in a nose. At the same time painfully bite, and stings terribly scratch, swell and hurt.

The sting of an insect, for example wasps, bees and others, can cause heavy allergic reaction up to a lethal outcome. And to lead a sting of a tick to such diseases as Lyme's disease, tick-borne encephalitis and others.

For prevention of stings it is important to follow certain rules.

The closed clothes. When the exit to the nature with the child is planned, first of all it is necessary to choose for him the corresponding clothes. It is better to buy a special protective suit. The problem is that such suits are on sale not everywhere and cost expensive. If there is no special suit, it is necessary to pick up trousers and a jacket with a hood with elastic bands for a bottom of the jacket, pant legs and sleeves.

Thickness of fabric will depend on weather conditions. For hot summer light cotton or linen fabrics, will be suitable for cool weather in the summer and also for spring and dawn on more dense fabrics, it is better natural that to the child it was comfortable. It is obligatory to put on socks and a headdress.

Footwear. For dry summer it is necessary to take high sneakers, for wet cool weather – high boots or rubber boots.

Repellents. Use of repellents is obligatory. It is necessary to choose depending on requirement and according to age of the child. For processing of clothes others are used some means, for drawing on skin, and for scaring away of insects on the place of a picnic the third.  

On the eve of an exit to the nature to process clothes and footwear. Just before an exit to apply funds to skin. And for scaring away of insects on the place of a picnic to take devices: spirals, candles or an ultrasonic repellant (such device is absolutely safe for children).

Examination. It is necessary to examine periodically attentively the child's clothes, his hair regarding existence of pincers. Also after arrival home it is necessary to examine carefully a hairy part of the head and all body.

If it is correct to be prepared for outdoor recreation, then insects will not be able to sadden it. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team