How to protect health to children

How to protect health to children

It is necessary to protect health of children from their first sigh, shout. There are no suddenly arising diseases. Most of them begin in the childhood: once fell, froze, got poisoned, etc. Only when the organism young and strong, passes all this not considerably (as it seems). However sooner or later there comes the moment when he is not able to fight against negative factors any more.

It is required to you

  • - to nurse the child;
  • - to teach children to the culture of food;
  • - to acquaint the child with sport;
  • - to walk in the fresh air;
  • - hardening;


1. You feed newborn childwith breast. It is proved that maternal milk contains the pro-biotic fibers strengthening the immune system of the kid. During feeding, antibodies which protect an organism from some species of bacteria and viruses indulge in the baby. And in children's mixes protective substances are absent.

2. You teach children to the culture of food from the moment of its transition to a table d'hote. As health, generally depends on products which are eaten by the person. Never include in the child's food products with the content of synthetic dyes (fragrances), carbonated drinks, smoked products, chips, hot spices, marinated vegetables and fruit, coffee. For example, scientists found out what glyutamat sodium (E621) causes in rats of change in a brain. And acetic acid has negative impact on work of a pancreas. Therefore they are strictly forbidden in baby food. Ignoring of recommendations leads to the fact that most of children by 15-16 years have various diseases of digestive tract.

3. Acquaint the child with sport. Physical activities are necessary for formation of a healthy organism. For example, you can carry away it swimming, yoga, performance of charging, dances and many other.

4. Pay much attention to walks in the fresh air (not less than 2 hours a day at good weather). Air is food for lungs and prolongs an active phase of life. Therefore try to go out of town, where it is much cleaner (as far as possible) as often as possible. At the same time remember that the kid has to be dressed easier you. As he constantly moves and can sweat that is extremely undesirable for health.

5. Be engaged in hardening of the kid. Here water procedures, air and solar bathtubs belong. Only in advance consult to the children's doctor in order to avoid complications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team