How to protect the baby from flu

How to protect the baby from flu

Flu epidemics (severe form of a viral infection) happen annually. Protective forces of an organism of the baby still absolutely weak. And therefore, unfortunately, babies are stronger subject to infection.


1. Reduce to a minimum or refuse absolutely visit of policlinics and places of public use. Flu is transmitted in the airborne way therefore expectations in corridors of policlinic together with sick children it is often fraught with infection. Call the pediatrician and other doctors on the house. Avoid contacts of the kid with the caught a cold people.

2. Regularly air rooms of your house or the apartment. In the room where there lives the baby, before going to bed leave open a window leaf for 15 minutes. At the same time fence off the baby from drafts. Daily you carry out damp cleaning in the room of the kid.

3. Dress the baby according to weather. You watch that the child did not overcool, but also that to him was not hot. On the street touch a nose and handles of the kid – they have to be warm. You spend much time in the fresh air if weather allows. In cold days it is better to carry out 2 – 3 walks on half an hour. On the street the kid is tempered, his immune system gets stronger.

4. You do not enter into the baby's diet new products during epidemic. On them there can be food allergy which exhausts forces of a children's organism. If the child is on breastfeeding, then mom has to continue to nurse it even if she itself got sick. In this case mom should dress a cotton and gauze bandage at contact with the kid and to minimize time of communication with the baby, having charged care to relatives or the nurse. Before taking the baby on hands, wash hands antiseptic soap thoroughly and dry wipe.

5. Humidify the nasal courses of the baby, for example, with salt solution. Consult with the local pediatrician, he can appoint preventive anti-virus medicines. For example, will advise to grease a nose of the kid with oksolinovy ointment. But any prevention of cold has to take place under observation of the expert.

6. Tie to a crib a small gauze bag with small cut garlic. Well aromatic oils struggle with viruses. For example, tea tree oil and an eucalyptus are good antiseptics.

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