How to protect the child

How to protect the child

With the birth of the kid the life of the woman becomes bright, saturated and full. The maternal instinct arises at the first stage when the kid in a womb. Nervousness and sensation of fear amplifies as soon as the baby is born. Suddenly it will not be possible to become ideal mother, to protect from troubles and to adequately bring up the descendant? It is not necessary to be ideal in everything, it is enough to love the child and to entirely be given to education.


1. First of all it is necessary will take care of health of the child. Children are ill, and kind of you did not try, it will not be possible to avoid the most widespread viral infections. Regularly you undergo medical examination, and better if it are competent doctors to whom you trust. Do analyses, consult on the pediatrician what vitamins to give depending on a season and needs of the child better.

2. Do not limit a game with other children even if they sneeze or cough. At early age the immunity which it will be in the future easy to cope with viral diseases, drops of temperature and weather conditions is developed. If the kid does not attend kindergarten, adaptation has to happens among children of coevals. Do not forget to temper an organism.

3. Teach rules of personal hygiene: in the mornings and to evenings to brush teeth, to wash, take a shower, to regularly change underwear. The habit is developed at early age and affects health, appearance and relationship at advanced age.

4. Since childhood accustom to eat properly, but sometimes do not refuse to regale on unhealthy sweets if the child has no contraindications for health reasons. The childhood has to be full. Remember the youthful years as enjoyed chewing gum, a pack of chips and Pepsi Cola on a holiday table. Teach the child to rules of healthy food, explain why it is important and show examples of abuse of junk food.

5. You will not be able to sponsor all life of the child therefore have to teach independence and protect from troubles. It is important to explain rules of communication with foreign strangers, to tell, than such acquaintance is fraught. At the age of 9-10 years to teach it is correct to use electric devices and the gas stove, let the first experience will be under your control. Enter into a habit check of shutdown of electric devices, gas and closing of windows before leaving the house.

6. Teach behavior ethics among people of advanced age and peers. It is important to enclose in young awareness of the rule of self-defense. The child has to feel a side between rudeness, obscene behavior and the polite, competent and reasonable response to insult.

7. Surely impart love for sports and a healthy lifestyle. At the age of 5-7 years begin to drive the child on trainings, circles on interests. The main thing that occupation gave pleasure also advantage. It is impossible to neglect everything and for hours to allow to sit at the computer, to walk in the yard. From idleness the laziness develops, nonsenses occur, and life gradually turns on an inclined plane. Certainly, free time is necessary, but there should not be an excess and total freedom.

8. Teach the child to spend rationally money – it is important. There will be no provided life if the younger generation since early years takes in a habit to lower all funds for absolutely unnecessary purchases. Having taught the child to vital values and independence, you can be quiet, protection of younger generation consists maintaining health and preparation for independent, safe adulthood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team