How to protect the child from a heat and the sun

How to protect the child from a heat and the sun

Joyful solar days can become a big problem for the kid. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to children to understand that they overheated. Obvious it becomes a bit later: nausea begins, complaints to pain in the head or a throat can appear. Because of feeling sick the child will be capricious and malicious. Simple precautionary measures will help to avoid it.

It is required to you

  • - clothes from natural fabrics;
  • - headdress;
  • - comfortable footwear;
  • - sunglasses;
  • - water bottle;
  • - sun-protection means;
  • - sunshade.


1. Begin care of health of the child with captious survey of clothes. In hot weather refuse clothes with synthetics addition. Best of all dresses from a soft flax, fine cotton, viscose will approach. Colors are preferable light: do not dress the child in very bright and dark tone – they reflect the sun worse. On a style of a thing it is better to choose wide which seams and fasteners with guarantee will not grate skin.

2. The important moment – footwear. Choose for the child open sandals from fabric or leather. Refuse plastic, rubber: in them the leg will quickly sweat. If footwear new, for the first times is better to put on it with a thin sock from cotton.

3. Buy several panamas. Choose models with "ventilation": networks, openwork weaving and so forth. When fitting you remember that the headdress has to sit not densely. So to the child will definitely not rub a head. That the panama did not fall down, attach a tie from a wide satin ribbon (the thin elastic band can painfully crash into skin).

4. Choose the correct time for walks. The best hours: in the forenoon and also – after five in the evening. Only on the beach you should not spend day. Besides games in sand (it is natural – under an umbrella), there is a lot of interesting the kid will find in the green park, shady avenues, playgrounds.

5. Be careful with the conditioner. It is enough to the excited child to spend under him about five minutes to catch a cold. However the stuffy room – too not option. Turn on the cooling system on temperature, only several degrees are lower than street. In process of adaptation it will be possible to lower it a little.

6. To make time on the beach safe, use means for protection of children's skin. For the first days the filter with high value is necessary, in process of accustoming it is possible to use average. You put a cream/milk in 7-10 minutes prior to an exit to the street, and then – every time after bathing.

7. On walk take a bottle with water, unsweetened tea. Well saves kefir from thirst. During a heat it is necessary to refuse juice and carbonated drinks: from them will having felt thirsty even more. Do not allow the child to be in water long: here it is easy to overcool and burn. Regulate bathing, taking a small break.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team