How to protect the child from diseases in kindergarten

How to protect the child from diseases in kindergarten

Sending the kid to kindergarten, mothers worry that it will catch some infection and will get sick. That many diseases passed by your child, and he felt fresh also cheerful, take measures for strengthening of his health in advance.


1. In kindergarten of a disease often the general as children are in close contact with each other, and many infections are transmitted in the airborne way or through public objects. Therefore teach your kid to watch own hygiene. Are obligatory washing of hands before food and also after visit of a toilet, games on a floor, sports activities and walk on the street. Let in a locker paper nasal kerchiefs and wet towel wipes lie. Wash more often the child's things that they always were clean. Lead with the child a discussion that during street walk it is impossible to break anything from trees or to select under them and is. Explain that dirty and immature fruits can cause the severe diseases.

2. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for strengthening of immunity. You watch that your child ate enough fruit, berries, vegetables and greens. If he has a low appetite, think up interesting registration of dishes, a ridiculous introduction or more often be engaged with it in physical exercises. Consult with your pediatrician concerning reception of vitamin complexes, with food children often receive less necessary quantity of minerals. Do not forget to give them to the kid, especially during the periods of epidemics in time. Apply the immunostimulating and antiviral medicines only on doctor's orders, they can cause allergies.

3. Gradual hardening will also enhance immunity of the child. It is possible to begin with air and solar bathtubs, and then to pass to water procedures. Gradual decrease in water temperature or a contrast shower will strengthen ability of an organism to resist to viruses. Air rooms of the house, every day walk with the kid, look for interesting outdoor games in the fresh air to interest the baby.

4. Pay attention to that how many your kid sleeps, the tired organism is stronger subject to risk to be infected. Try to make so that the dream of the baby lasted not less than nine hours at night and two hours in the afternoon. If he badly falls asleep, consult with the expert, perhaps, to you will appoint the calming teas or syrups.

5. Inoculations are also a good protective measure against viruses. For receipt in a garden it is necessary to make a number of obligatory vaccines. But there are dangerous diseases from which inoculations to children are put at the request of their parents, for example, chickenpox or a tulyaremiya. It is better to protect the kid from such infections in advance, but having consulted to the doctor.

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