How to protect the child from school

How to protect the child from school

"Mom! I do not want in school!" What is behind these children's words? Not always to the child it is comfortable at school. It is bad if he daily goes towards to humiliations, insults, pokes, persecution from adults and children.


1. It is impossible to live for the child life, but it is possible to protect him from the actions breaking children's mentality. The school gives not only knowledge, but also invaluable experience of creation of the relations with peers. Here quarrels and offenses, the unfair relation are inevitable. But the loving parents can help that quarrels and the conflicts did not develop into the cruel attitude towards the child. Not to miss emergence of a similar situation and to protect the little man dear to you, try to be attentive, meeting the child from school. If you noticed that the child often comes home in bruises, his clothes are torn or look so as if to it wiped a floor, and your child becomes reserved more and more and is not eager to go to hated school at all, it is time to sound the alarm, still not late.

2. Regularly attend school, communicate with teachers. But do not go too far. You cannot constantly be near and protect the child from problems.

3. Get acquainted with friends and schoolmates and if it is possible, then and their parents. Try to talk more often to the child, to discuss different issues. Ask how it was possible to arrive in such situation, and as in this. Lose the conflicts still before they arise. If the child has an experience of permission of problem situations (even if it is play experience), it will be easier for it to orient in real life.

4. Surely listen to children's offenses and complaints. Do not wave away. Perhaps, the situation is much more serious, than can seem to you from the very beginning. You – the main protection in the child's life. He has to know for sure that he can count on you and that you will not wave away from the next children's problems, and at least, will listen to him. If you do not know how to arrive in the arisen situation not to do much harm to the child and truly to assess a situation, consult with the psychologist. The psychologist, having communicated to the child, can estimate a problem absolutely differently. Also will give absolutely other advice, than you expected.

5. If the child for the first time goes to school, treat the choice of school and the first teacher more attentively. Communicate to parents, to teachers.

6. Try to be objective. Your child too not an angel and, quite possibly, itself is responsible for all conflicts. You should not rush to fight and to defend the child on the first call. But if you see that it is not the simple conflict, but manifestation of cruelty and even mockery from children or teachers, do not neglect a situation. All children different. Someone is energetic and is able to stand for himself, and someone is afraid to tell an excess word against. Despite a variety of characters, any child has the right to the protection and love from own parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team