How to protect the kid from flu

How to protect the kid from flu

Flu – one of the most dangerous acute respiratory viral infections. More often this diagnosis is made to children. Kids have flu hard, besides the disease often comes to an end with complications. Therefore when the danger of infection is especially high, it is necessary to do everything possible that the child did not get sick.

It is required to you

  • - disposable masks;
  • - physiological solution;
  • - antibacterial napkins;
  • - soap;
  • - fresh vegetables and fruit.


1. The peak of incidence usually falls on November-December. It is necessary to prepare for a season of flu beforehand. Since summer begin to carry out procedures of hardening – it will strengthen immunity of the child. Swimming in a paddling pool, contrast douches and rubdowns, cool foot bathtubs – all this will help to temper the kid. Pay attention and to food. You enter into the child's diet more than fresh and boiled vegetables, fruit juice and puree, low-fat meat. In the period of the peak of incidence give to the kid more citrus – provided that it has on them no allergy.

2. Think of vaccination against flu. The inoculation can be done, since six months. But usually it is recommended to the children who are already attending kindergarten. According to physicians, the efficiency of protection against a virus at in due time done vaccination is 70-90%. It is the best of all to carry out vaccination a month before the peak of incidence – that is from September to November. Unfortunately, universal vaccine does not exist yet, and new options for separate strains of flu are annually offered. The necessary vaccine is selected by the doctor.

3. You watch over own health. Do not assume that the kid got a virus from someone from family members. Having felt unwell, see a doctor and limit contacts with the child. Buy disposable face masks in pharmacy and change them each two-three hours. Immediately throw out the used masks and paper handkerchiefs. Wash hands more often and wipe surfaces which the child, antibacterial napkins can grab.

4. You watch that the child regularly washed hands – especially before food. Suggest the kid to wash a nose with physiological solution in the preventive purposes. Do it together – similar measures will not damage to all family members.

5. If the child nevertheless got sick, call to him the doctor. Do not self-medicate – symptoms of flu are too similar to symptoms of other diseases, sometimes more serious. Expecting the doctor, do not force down temperature – febrifugal medicines are necessary only when stem of thermometer rises above 38.5-39 °C. Give to the kid plentiful warm drink and do not force it to eat. Isolate the diseased from other children, for example, having fenced off his bed a screen.

6. Looking after the patient, as often as possible wash hands and put on a disposable face mask. Surely wash with hot water with soap and toys of the kid. You watch that the nose of the child was free from slime. Babies need to delete it by means of a small enema, is more senior than children teach to blow nose and provide them with paper handkerchiefs. Lay the child on moderately hard bed, having enclosed him under the head couple of pillows – so to the patient it will be easier to breathe.

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