How to prove that I am pregnant

How to prove that I am pregnant

For certain any woman wants to learn about the possible pregnancy as soon as possible, and can be there is a need for the proof of this fact. Suspicion has to arise after emergence of specific signs some of which are found at once, and others only at medical examination.


1. That it is more reliable to define pregnancy, visit the gynecologist. But if you for some reason do not want to go to the doctor yet, can make the test in house conditions. It can be bought in any pharmacy, the instruction is available in each packing.

2. Except above-mentioned ways of the proof of pregnancy there are some more signs. The most widespread and from them remain a periods delay, but violation of a cycle can happen also for other reasons.

3. Implantation bleeding which occurs approximately in 6-12 days after conception can become the following sign. It, as a rule, proceeds several hours. It occurs because the impregnated ovum takes root into a wall of a uterus. At the same time you can feel weight and discomfort in the bottom of a stomach, weakness.

4. Toxicosis is also referred to popular signs, but it arises not earlier than the second or third week of pregnancy. Someone does not face such problem at all.

5. Significant increase in a breast, darkening of an areola of nipples, and the veins which sometimes were more expressed on a breast can be the first signs of pregnancy. It is connected with change of a hormonal background.

6. Fast fatigue. Even the smallest chores can take away all forces. It is worth believing that it is connected with hormonal reorganization of an organism of the woman. Plus to everything, you subconsciously try to save yourself and future kid from negative factors.

7. Frequent urination. You constantly wake up from desires to urination. It happens because of more active production of liquid an organism. Besides a uterus, increasing, presses on a bladder more and more.

8. Frequent changes of mood. You feel depression and fear, in a minute laugh and happy.

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