How to prove that not your child

How to prove that not your child

Between the woman and the man there can be a conflict because of paternity fact. And if the man considers that the child not it, he can disprove paternity through court in the presence of proofs of the correctness.


1. Do not agree you to record as child's father in the birth certificate. It is possible if you do not consist in official marriage with the woman who claims that she gave birth to your child. In this situation it should file a lawsuit and look for proofs, but not to you. Consider that you can automatically be specified as the father of the child born by your wife and also the former spouse if after the divorce there passed no more than three hundred days.

2. Make sure of whether really the child is given birth from you. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out genetic expertize. If you are not written down in the birth certificate, the consent of his mother is required. In case you are registered as his official father, you can make examination independently. It is the paid procedure, it is held in many medical centers. Often it is possible to do even without presence of the child - for example, the doctor can ask you to take several hair or a sample of saliva from the offspring, and then to transfer to clinic. Everything depends on on the basis of what genetic material the concrete medical center carries out the analysis. Consider that data of such examination will be useful to you only for private use, the court will not accept them.

3. If the child was a stranger, and you appear in documents as the father, file a lawsuit the claim that you are not a father. You can attach the documents confirming your version in the statement. For example, if you were in a business trip in presumable time of conception of the child, take about it the certificate from work.

4. The court will appoint a meeting on which you will have to be. Also the judge can oblige parents to carry out genetic expertize, but already in that medical institution whose results will be taken cognizance. If you do not agree with the judgment, submit the appeal to higher instance.

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