How to punish the child for bad behavior it is correct

How to punish the child for bad behavior it is correct

There are situations when even the most obedient and quiet child becomes whimsical, nervous, can go into hysterics and fight. For this purpose there is a lot of reasons as, for example, psychological age crises. In fact, there are two options of succession of events - or to allow the child to do that he wants, or to show border of legal. The first option can lead to the fact that in the future the child will not understand that there is what cannot be done. But also in the second case it is impossible to go into extremes, punishment should not turn into humiliation of the child. It is impossible to apply physical methods of education - the child can feel helpless and further to become embittered, offended by all, or on the contrary weak-willed and suppressed.

The main goal of punishment is to show to the child that there are acts which cannot be repeated. The decision on punishment has to be made when the act is made consciously. There are several general principles of punishment:

  • Punishment has to be directed to an act, but not to the child. Children have to know that they are loved also by them not bad, and at present parents abuse for some specific action.
  • The child has to have accurate rules and borders. Discuss with the relatives that is possible for the child and that it is impossible, it will allow to avoid situations, once, that is forbidden by parents, it is allowed by other relatives.
  • Punishment has to follow right after an act and to be reasonable. You should not abuse the child for the fact that sufficient time was made ago.
  • Commensurate punishment force with what was made by the child. Be not excessively strict, otherwise further the child will do everything to avoid responsibility.
  • You should not arrange punishment on public, it is so possible to humiliate the child. •   In punishment solidarity of both parents is important. If you do not agree with punishment of the spouse, discuss it without child.
  • If you felt that you punished the child unfairly, surely apologize to the kid, explain that you were not right. Try to be quiet. If you lose over yourself control, then can strongly shout at the child or even to strike. About it you will regret and worry. If it nevertheless occurred, surely ask forgiveness for the child. If the behavior of children is alarming at you and inadequate acts at the child repeat again and again, then be not afraid to address the children's psychologist. Often, the look from outside helps to resolve available problems and to help to adjust behavior of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team