How to punish the husband for treason

How to punish the husband for treason

Many women who are in marriage should face treason of the husband. Such treachery, as a rule, leaves feeling of deep offense and demands a certain punishment.

It is required to you

  • - services of the lawyer;
  • - action plan.


1. Having learned about treason of the husband, first of all, calm down. Yes, it is difficult, but the decisions made under the influence of strong emotions can force you to regret about them subsequently. For example, having obtained the evidence of marital infidelity, you immediately decide to divorce and will submit the corresponding application. But later you can decide not to break off your marriage.

2. Once again recheck reliability of information on treason of the husband. Whether can be that someone tries to destroy your family? Having quickly believed the fictional facts and having at once begun resolute actions, you can destroy by own hands the happiness. Consider that presently it is possible to forge even video filming, not to mention photos with "proofs of treason".

3. How to be if the fact of treason does not leave doubts? First of all, do not feel unfortunate – now you the warrior, the victory all the same will be for you. Any pity to, any tears. Only cold determination and thirst of revenge!

4. For a start solve, you will leave the husband or after all you will remain with him, it is important for the choice of strategy of revenge. Let's assume, you decided to leave, in this case you should leave adequately. Namely, having taken a maximum from what can be taken. Yes, someone will tell that it is unethical. But we speak about revenge!

5. Be prepared for leaving. Perhaps, the husband promised to buy to you a new car? Then let he will make it now. Promised other expensive gifts? Tactfully remind him of them. Expensive clothes, jewelry – will approach everything! Draw its purse, the bank account – he it deserved!

6. Surely consult to the experienced lawyer, he will help you to find material independence at a divorce. Having deprived of the unfaithful husband of a solid part of his welfare, you will strike it a much bigger blow, than ringing slap in the face and loud demonstrative cotton with a door. However, you can not lose pleasure from slap in the face.

7. Before leaving be not too lazy to make toilet. Leave in all splendor the magnificence – let your unfaithful husband see what he loses! You will strike with it to it the last and very painful blow.

8. The second option – you decided to remain, to keep marriage. In this case your task is in holding the husband at itself and to force it to regret the unreasonable act. Remember – we speak about revenge therefore your task is to force this fallen being to suffer and on a lap to beg at you for forgiveness. The question is in how to make it?

9. Do not make scandals, it you will even more incite the husband against yourself. Do not ignore the household chores – having left the husband hungry or without having washed his shirt, you will also achieve from him only negative reaction. So to do? Almost the same, as in the first option – prove in all the magnificence! Do sports, you go to massage, visit a sunbed, but so that the husband did not know about it. Healthy food, meditations, positive thinking – you have to become perfection top!

10. And at all this you have to remain inaccessible for the husband, it is very important. The head hurts, there is no mood, critical days – you never know occasions we can find for refusal? And if the husband knows that you know of his treason, then with refusal in reciprocity there are no problems at all. At such moment you have a full authority to say it directly offensive – "Idi to the …" You can add the Termination of a phrase on the discretion. What will all this give? You present the unfaithful husband with a choice – or you in all the gloss and magnificence, or campaigns on the left. It is very useful to let it know that your patience has limits that you will not be reconciled with unfaithfulness. One more time – and it will lose you. And together with you will lose also all homeliness created by you.

11. Remember that it is important not to be overzealous in the revenge. Wait for that moment when the husband is already on the verge – and forgive him. You can offer in literal sense to it on a lap to apologize, it for certain will make it. The rest completely depends on you – the unfaithful husband has to feel in all completeness that with you it is better for him, than with anyone else.

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