How to punish the teenager

How to punish the teenager

Punishment of the teenager makes sense when he understands the fault and knows what it should "pay" for. Therefore before punishment it is necessary to explain what he made not so what it will lead to, and as a result to punish so that he once and for all understood the importance of the offense and, from now on, did not repeat it.


1. Pranks. Small pranks the teenager can forgive once, but if they continue with frequent frequency, then you should not close eyes to it. For example, he took for fashion to humiliate publicly some peer who is weaker than it and cannot answer. It would seem, you will think that it once pushed it, in the second - selected a backpack, in the third – boycotted, having instigated all class. It is undoubted that the offended age-mate has to learn to stand for himself, but also your teenager the actions only develops in himself rage, aggression and despotism that can turn back further the real trouble. In this case, to stand in the corner, to announce house arrest and even to apply physical violence in the form of flogging by a belt, is not necessary since the effect will be zero. The teenager has to be influenced, experience position in which he with pleasure puts the victim. Bring the teenager into unfamiliar collective where there are children is a little more senior than it and is stronger. Let they will let it know that the beginner here out of place, and they do not need his communication (in advance instigate children). The place for education can be chosen club of the young fighter, school of survival i.e. where the real army situation reigns. Thus, having come off a mother's skirt and homeliness, the teenager will leave it in 2 weeks already absolutely with other understanding of life.

2. Addictions. Smoking of cigarettes on the quiet will be found once. Shouts, otnyaty money for pocket expenses, emission of all pack of cigarettes in a ballot box – to business will not help. Next time it will borrow money companions and will begin to smoke on the street where you will definitely not find it. Sit down with it in kitchen, talk in an adult way, having explained what smoking of cigarettes can lead to. For descriptive reasons show the video with social advertizing against smoking, and then put before it several packs of cigarettes and order that he, looking to you in eyes, began to smoke one for another. Note time and adjust it that he quicker and quicker smoked cigarettes. Already on the first or second cigarette he will have a fit of coughing from smoke, and cigarettes will cause disgust in it.

3. Be wise tutors. Your punishment really owes the teenager will be remembered. In case he does not carry out the household chores or shirks school, punish him an unfulfilled dream. For example, he dreams of the new game console long ago, and you are already ready to buy him it. Bring him into shop, show this thing, tell that it in the last copy, and then, having told that he did not deserve it, let time to it think and most to explain the fault. Then allow the put time for correction of his behavior, and, estimating its achieved results (the finished quarter without the three, daily purity in its room) encourage with purchase still of the best version of the game console of which he even dared to dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team