How to put a baby carriage

How to put a baby carriage

Selection of a baby carriage for the kid is a serious task which falls on parents. To choose a good carriage among the various range of models quite difficult. Most often parents buy a transforming carriage. It is convenient, functional and compact. But as to put it, many do not know.


1. Study the instruction of a carriage in shop, check whether there is in a set a foot brake. Buying carriage for the child with the closed body, consider springs. As a rule, they have to provide to a carriage the smooth movement and to be rather soft. Get that model which is made of the material breathing and doing not pass water.

2. Put a seatback horizontally, having lowered it. Then it is necessary to put a hood of a carriage and to change position of the handle so that it was behind a hood. On both sides under armrests there have to be fixers. They need to be lifted up in order that the carriage developed down and had a narrow compact appearance. And in such look the carriage is carried in the elevator, the machine, public transport. It can be stored in the apartment as she takes not enough place, can be in a corridor or even on the balcony.

3. Often there is a need for removal of wheels. It is possible to remove wheels easily and quickly, without using a wrench or the screw-driver. Press a wheel axis in the center which is noticeable outside, and then pull it on yourself. The same way remove also the second. Establish them back on those central axes by the same method. For this purpose hold the button and put on a wheel the former place that it was recorded. On unfolding of a carriage and removal of wheels no more than fifteen minutes leave. The qualitative carriage has the wearproof mechanism of unfolding.

4. Displaying your carriage, look how blocking of wheels works, will depend on it as easily you lift this subject of ladder steps. Pay attention and to carriage weight as it is necessary to move it quite often. Some models have carrying, and the most comfortable and a convenient cradle. It is established on the chassis or to the place of the walking block.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team