How to put a crib

How to put a crib

In your house the kid appeared. And together with it the problem appeared: how to put a crib that the child felt comfortable? Nothing has to disturb him a dream. From that how the child sleeps well, also the state of his health in many respects depends.


1. Many experts agree in opinion that the first half a year of life it is better for kid to sleep in one bed with mom. Such contact is necessary for its healthy mental and intellectual development. If you are sure that you sleep peacefully, do not toss and turn – be inclined to this option. To the kid will be quieter, constantly feeling near itself presence of mom.

2. If you decided that the child since the birth has to have the, separate room, then at once you are defined what place in it will be allocated for a bed. Consider, the children's bed cannot be put near heating devices at all. Kids transfer overheating, than insignificant overcooling much worse.

3. Carpets and books – remarkable collections and stores of dust. Therefore near a children's bed there should not be neither that, nor another. At contact with dust at the child various allergic reactions can be shown. Do not risk better!

4. Smells should not reach a bed. Especially tobacco smell. Remember that strongly smelling plants do not have the place in the children's room. The child spends a lot of time in a dream and the neighbourhood of "zapashisty" plants, many of which besides are toxic, it is undesirable.

5. Fresh air makes fine impact on a dream. Of course, do not put a bed on a draft, but consider that the room where it is, has to be aired well.

6. The room in which your kid will sleep has to be isolated from strong noise and loud sounds from the street. But be not overzealous, do not create ideal silence. Otherwise further your child will suffer from the slightest noise, and its dream will be disturbing and uneasy.

7. Now your kid absolutely still baby. But that day when it begins to move on a bed is near. Think of safety issues as to put it that the child could not reach sockets, desk lamps and other electric devices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team