How to put a sound ""r"" at the child

How to put a sound ""r"" at the child

Practically all parents faced a problem of indistinct pronunciation of a sound "р" at the child at early age. In it couples it is possible to ask the logopedist for the help. But now this service paid. And it is possible to try and to correct wrong ""growl"".


1. Sometimes such defect at the child seems amusing. However, as professional logopedists proved, this problem can remain for the rest of life. Therefore the main thing to begin classes in time. If your child already was four years old, then it is possible to do the special exercises helping to say correctly this sound.

2. Seat the child on a chair that hands and a body of the child were in the quiet, weakened state. Sit down nearby. Exercises need to be done so that the child saw the person in a mirror. It will help it to be engaged further independently.

3. Begin "Sail" with exercise. Let the child will open a mouth. A wide part of language needs to be put for foreteeth. To press edges of language to the upper molars. To bend a back forward. It is necessary to keep language in such situation ten seconds. To repeat exercise 3-4 times.

4. Following task: easy biting of a tip of language. Let the child will put lips in the provision of a smile. After that it is necessary carefully, to bite a language tip in number of 7 – 9 times.

5. Then suggest the child to do exercise ""horse"". Let the child will place a language tip to the sky and begins to click language. Exercise at first is carried out slowly, then all quicker. It is necessary to carry out during two – three minutes.

6. And in conclusion of an occupation session the child has to execute exercise ""woodpecker"". Let the kid make easy percussion by a language tip on hillocks behind the upper foreteeth. Along with it he has to try to say the letter "d". The mouth at the same time has to be open. To carry out exercise within twenty seconds. After that ask the child to say a sound "р".

7. You give classes in the form of a game. For example, exercises can be alternated to the comic game "start the car motor". The child will try to say "брррр" or "brrrry". Over time, in 2 – 3 months, your kid will be able accurately to say the letter "r". However, despite everything diligence, it is possible to wait for result long. In this case it is better to entrust work to the professional logopedist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team