How to put all firm sounds

How to put all firm sounds

Owing to imperfection of children's organs of articulation, children cannot often say some consonants. There is age framework in which the child has to master any given sound and if the kid cannot say a sound, without having reached the upper bound of age, then to worry there is nothing. However without the aid of adults correctly and accurately to speak to the child not to learn in any way. Also the help of the logopedist can sometimes be required.


1. Quite often difficulties in pronunciation in children are caused by a firm sound of "l". They soften it, say, for example, "ice" instead of "boat". To put firm pronunciation, offer the child the following exercises. Let the child say drawlingly a sound "and". At this time let will try to touch with a language tip a gum behind upper teeth. "Alalala" will turn out. Other exercise – ask the child to bite a language tip. Let him try to pronounce words with firm "l" in such provision of language.

2. Other widespread problem – inability to say a firm sound "р". Logopedists consider this sound the most difficult for statement. Try to put "р" on the basis of a sound "д". Let the child will try to say quickly "д" and at the same time strongly to blow on a language tip. Other popular equipment – at first teach the child to say a sound once – it is not so difficult. Then, by means of special rhymes and exercises, gradually you teach it "to pull" a sound. However, in house conditions to put this sound it will be difficult – better to ask for the help the logopedist.

3. Often children are not able to say a sound "to", and, neither firm, nor soft. Statement technique following. Let the child say a syllable "that". At this time a finger press to it on the middle of language and you ask to continue – the sound "тя" will turn out. If to advance a finger slightly further, it will turn out "кя". Further away –. Certainly, hands at the same time have to be sterile, and the child, perhaps, should be accustomed to such technique that he was not frightened.

4. Firm "with" it is put together with soft, the system of its pronunciation helps to learn to say many other whistling. That will put a sound "with", at first show it on the example the correct articulation – lips are stretched in a smile, the tip of language "stuck" to foreteeth, edges of language – to upper teeth, the sound is said by means of blowing of a current of air. Try to imitate a sound of the blowing-off ball. Before putting a sound "with", do exercises on sounds "and" and "ф". All other sounds at children usually manage to be said at once both it is firm, and is soft, or it is impossible absolutely, but in this case complex work with the logopedist is already necessary.

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