How to put an arena

How to put an arena

Someone from parents treats an arena only as to means of restriction of freedom of the child. And for someone it is just an excess. Only a part of parents as a result after all realize its indispensability. Besides that the arena will reduce the area for movements of the child, it also will soften his falling thanks to an elastic covering. And the kid is busy with the affairs, and mom will be able to take rest.


1. For a start it is necessary to undo velcros of an arena and to remove a mattress. Having turned the main lock in the direction of an arrow, pull it approximately on 50 cm up (to unblock). Define locks on each side so that they were above each frame.

2. Further, since the long parties of an arena, raise tops of frames. Along with both parties press the buttons on an unblocking on hand-rail. The same needs to be made also with short frames.

3. That the frame and legs became together, raise the central sleeve, putting legs inside. Then, having wrapped up a mattress around an arena, fix it, passing velcros through the available plastic rings. Further strong pull them and fix.

4. Watching that there were no problems with access to the handle, insert a bag carrying over an arena. Close a lightning, and the arena can be transferred without excess efforts of you.

5. Well and, of course, do not forget to look after an arena. It is periodically obligatory to wipe dust and to wash it. And for the child it is important, and the term of its suitability will be more.

6. Depending on ways of addition the arenas can differ. In case of horizontal addition, vertical racks (legs) from the bottom come unfastened, and then the top frame falls. Also there can be arenas developing by the principle of "book". As a result it will become more compact, having decreased almost twice if to put a floor and a frame.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team