How to put future character of the child

How to put future character of the child

In work of parents with children relationship of the child with peers has to hold a specific place. Explaining, or involving the nature of acts, attention in negative manifestations in the relations with peers, it is important to parents to rely on presence at the child of positive lines at the same time. Children have to feel constantly that parents are disturbed not only by their progress, in acquisition of various skills and abilities and also steady attention of parents to personal qualities and properties of children, to relationship with peers, to the emotional attitude towards other people.

Raising the children, we believe that they will grow up similar to the parents. Unlike the adult, the child cannot hide the true feeling, to behavior of the people surrounding it. In certain conditions, it expresses the attitude towards people quite frankly. Creating a certain situation if we pay attention as the child behaves, we will see features of his character. It is easy to determine by behavior of the kid, positively or negatively, he responds on problems of the peer. Analyzing experience of the child, to estimate his personal qualities. Noting problems of its character, to push to desire to change to the best.

Vova in a garden had a favourite toy, the red sports car when it came to group, at once ran to it and excitedly played, the game which is thought up by him. Once, having come to a garden, Vova found out that his beautiful car in hands at other boy, he was called Aleš. Vova without thinking twice, is connected to Alyosha, and they together think out a new game, even more interestingly. Boys good fellows, did not begin to find out who has to play the first the machine, found a solution which suited both.

Katya with mom came back home from a garden, Katya long was silent, then suddenly asked: - mom why girls in group do not want to play with me? - Probably, you came to group recently, and girls know each other long ago, can you, Katya, it is necessary most to show an initiative. Try to offer girls, an interesting game which they did not play yet. You will surely find to yourself girlfriends if you are always ready to offer the friendship. To us to parents, it is necessary to prompt the strategy of behavior, to the children in time, for this purpose it is necessary to be ready always them to listen.

Late evening, after the intense working day, you took away the little son from a garden, tired go together home. There is a wish to talk not really, and the little son enthusiastically tells you some story which happened to him today. Anton with delight said to mom as he fought with the boy of whom he was rather afraid earlier. Mom took an interest because of what Anton sorted out the relations with the boy what they did not divide? It appeared, Anton took away a ball which she played from Katya, the girl began to cry, and Kostya stood up for the girl. Mame is an occasion to think, to try to explain to Anton that it arrived incorrectly, it is not correct to take away toys, especially from girls. Kostya the good fellow, he arrived as the real man, interceded for the girl.

Children early enough begin to respond on assessment of their personality, separate properties and qualities. They often ask parents the concerning question: "I behave well?". Therefore your assessment should not suppress at all, and on the contrary induce to feel the child that it is "good" and "bad" concerning some act made by it.

We, of course, want to see the children happy to realize this desire, it is necessary to pay attention to their internal state, since the very first years of life. Owing to our employment, we leave education of children for later time, hoping that else not late. In a prompt stream of our life, it is necessary to look for time, for communication with the children to understand the reason, whenever possible to correct it, then you will be sure that you made everything that could for the child. We risk to lose that thin thread which connects us with them, and they will not be able to find a common language with society in which they will live.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team