How to put on a baby sling scarf

How to put on a baby sling scarf

While grandmothers, journalists and doctors argue on advantage or harm of baby slings, the mothers who already felt all charm of a slingonosheniye with ecstasy continue to carry kids in these convenient slings. Most baby slings scarfs became widespread. And though it is more difficult to do winding, than just to put the kid in a baby sling with rings, scarfs allow mothers to carry the child on themselves for a long time, without feeling any inconveniences. The easiest way of winding which is recommended to beginners is "the cross over a pocket"

It is required to you

  • - Baby sling scarf 4.5 - 5.5 m long.


1. Find the middle at your baby sling.

2. Straighten a baby sling and apply the middle to a stomach. Spend the right end of a baby sling behind the back and throw on the left shoulder so that the end completely hanged down forward on a breast.

3. Do similar operation with the left end. Now on a back you formed a cross of two panels, the ends of a baby sling hang down ahead. The middle of a baby sling forms a pocket on a stomach. The bottom edge of a pocket is at the level of a navel.

4. Take the kid on hands and put him a tummy on a shoulder. Supporting the child under buttocks, slowly lower him in the pocket formed by baby sling fabric.

5. Wrap bottom edge of a pocket under buttocks and under knees. The upper edge has to pass under mice at the child. Little children can lift a baby sling above – to a neck.

6. Supporting the child by the left hand a hand, the right hand take the end of a baby sling which is hanging down from the left shoulder, stretch it through a back of the kid, then carry out it under the child's knee to the right hip. Pull a baby sling, pressing the kid to themselves.

7. Take the child the right hand, and left do the same with the right end of a baby sling. Now it is possible to take both ends lying at you on hips and to pull them, attracting the child to itself stronger. Then tie a baby sling behind on a waist.

8. The baby sling has to form two crosses: on your back and on the child's back, and a pocket in which the kid sits. The cross on a back helps to distribute evenly weight of the child therefore in baby sling-scarf it is possible to carry long even large children. The cross on the child's back in addition insures it against loss from a pocket. The pocket from fabric supports the child under buttocks and hips.

9. The kid has to clasp you for a waist with widely divorced legs. This situation is called "lyagushechka" and is the most physiologic for children of early age. Besides, finding of the kid in this pose is excellent prevention of a dysplasia of a femoral joint at newborns.

10. After you hardly tie the ends of a baby sling on the waist behind, straighten panels which pass on the child's back. Each layer will be stretched from one knee to another, and your kid will be supported by three layers of fabric. Consider it in hot day.

11. If the kid begins to fall asleep at you for breasts, it is possible to hide his head under that panel of a baby sling which is located from above.

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