How to put on a prenatal bandage

How to put on a prenatal bandage

The prenatal bandage is necessary attribute of the woman who is in situation. The stomach increasing every month needs support and fixing which correctly picked up and dressed bandage is capable to provide. Besides, it will allow to reduce load of a backbone, will prevent premature lowering of a head of the child and will reduce risk of emergence of extensions in the woman's stomach. Nevertheless, the pregnant woman has to consult with the doctor treating her and pick up with him that model of a prenatal bandage which will be most optimum for it and her child.

It is required to you

  • mirror, sofa (bed) or chair.


1. It is the best of all to put on a dorodovy bandage from a prone position on a back, having slightly raised hips. In such pose of a muscle of an abdominal cavity are weakened, and the probability of the correct fixing of a stomach increases several times. Besides, lying on a back, it is rather easy to feel a pubic bone – the bandage has to capture her.

2. After you put on a bandage, it is necessary to check whether correctly it is located. There should not be a feeling of a sdavlennost in a stomach, discomfort. The prenatal bandage has to pass strictly under a stomach, rest against hips, press in front a pubic bone and adjoin densely to a waist.

3. Make sure that it is comfortable to you to make any given gestures in the dressed bandage. You resemble in it some time - 5-10 minutes. If no unpleasant feelings appeared, then it is possible to consider that the bandage is dressed correctly.

4. Try to put on a bandage, standing in front of the mirror. Perhaps, to you so will fix it more conveniently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team