How to put on a raincoat a carriage

How to put on a raincoat a carriage

If during walk with the small child suddenly it starts to rain, snow or strong wind, it is necessary to take care of protection of the kid. Producers of products for children provided the solution of this problem and began to release a comfortable protective raincoat for a carriage.


1. Choose a raincoat for a carriage according to its design and the sizes. If it is made as a transformer, then, respectively, buy the protectant for such model. There are also universal raincoats suitable to various models of carriages. Before purchase ask the seller to put on a raincoat a carriage, estimate whether reliably it protects it from moisture, whether provides a sufficient adherence to a surface.

2. Pay attention to material of which the raincoat is made. For health of the child products from textiles, but not from polyethylene as the last badly pass air are considered as the safest, creating greenhouse effect in a carriage and can crack on a frost.

3. Being going to put on a raincoat a carriage, pull out it from packing and completely develop. Material should not have a pungent smell, otherwise it is better to refuse use of such thing.

4. Pay attention to where there is the top part which will be located over a child's face and where lower. In the top part of a raincoat there has to be a window in which you will be able to see the head of the kid.

5. At the edges of a raincoat find fastenings: tapes velcros by means of which you will also fix protection against a rain. The window is also clasped by means of velcros. Do not worry that to the child will not gasp, any raincoat has to be supplied with the special openings providing intake of oxygen in a carriage. Ventilation, as a rule, is on each side, but not from above that also provides reliable protection of the kid.

6. Pay attention to edges of a raincoat, they have to have an elastic band for its more dense adherence to a carriage. If the raincoat just dangles on a carriage, most likely, you incorrectly made something or missed one of fastenings. Double-check all fasteners. Put on a raincoat a carriage so that its handle was free.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team