How to put on the child's twine

How to put on the child's twine

For children tells a lot of things about advantage of a twine. If the child learns to stretch out, then his muscles will become flexible and strong. The twine also allows to improve a bearing that is very relevant at early age.


1. The best age for training of the child in a twine of 5-7 years. During this period of a muscle quite flexible and elastic therefore to train the child stretches out, it is possible. For a start it is necessary to develop active flexibility as much as possible. It is the size of amplitude of movements which is created by means of muscular efforts. Be engaged daily with the child in extension exercises which promote increase in such flexibility.

2. Carry out the exercises consisting in moves legs. Put the child sideways to a stool, one hand let adheres for its back, holds the second on a belt. Let dynamically makes moves a leg, at first forward 10 times, then back, then aside. After that it is necessary to change situation and to repeat exercise by other leg. When performing movements you watch that the sock at the child well stretched, knees were not bent, the back remained equal.

3. Then you pass to performance of static stretchings. Show to the child exercise with inclinations forward. At an inclination it is necessary to get palms a floor, to be late in such provision of 10 seconds, then to accept a starting position. Repeat this exercise of 10 times.

4. Following exercise: to clasp with the right hand the right leg (at the same time the leg is bent in a knee) and to strongly pull a heel to gluteuses. To do 5 times. To repeat with other leg.

5. One more exercise on an extension. Suggest the child to put one leg on a stool on belt height and to bend gradually, reaching hands a floor. At the same time you have to be nearby, in case of need, to support the kid. To carry out 5 times with each leg.

6. After such warming up it is possible to pass directly to a twine. Let the child carefully falls by a longitudinal or cross split. You support him at the same time for shoulders. It is necessary to fall to small feeling of pain. But the main thing not to be overzealous. Otherwise, at sharp pain, the child will not want to be engaged any more.

7. Daily such exercises will take 20-30 minutes. And already in few weeks your child will be able independently to stretch out without any efforts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team